Watson Awards

About the Watson Awards

Since 2017, Watson College has given out the Watson School Recognition Awards to honor excellence among the school’s faculty and staff.

Nominations are taken from department chairs, faculty and staff in the Watson School, and a committee reviews the nomination dossiers. The awards are generally given during a spring meeting of all faculty and staff.


  • Outstanding Faculty Service: Eileen Head (Computer Science)
  • Early-Stage Distinguished Research: Zhanpeng Jin (formerly Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Outstanding Research Achievement: Kartik Gopalan (Computer Science)
  • Outstanding Staff Service: Erin Hornbeck (Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)
  • Distinguished Educator: Dmitry Ponomarev (Computer Science)
  • Distinguished Alumni: Sandeep Tonapi, MS ‘98, PhD ‘01, Founder and CEO at Anveshak Technology and Knowledge Solutions (SSIE department)


  • Early-Stage Distinguished Research Award: Guy German (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Distinguished Educator: Amber Doiron (formerly Biomedical Engineering)
  • Outstanding Staff Service: Lucy Pompeii (Computer Science – retired)
  • Distinguished Alumni: Ken Goldblatt ‘87, CIO and portfolio manager at S Squared Technology (computer science alum)


  • Outstanding Faculty Service: Sha Jin (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Outstanding Staff Service: April St. John (Computer Science)
  • Outstanding Research Achievement: Yu “David” Liu (Computer Science)
  • Early Stage Distinguished Research: Yao Liu (Computer Science)
  • Distinguished Alumni: Jim Bankoski ‘91, Distinguished Engineer, Google (computer science alum)


  • Early Stage Distinguished Research Award: Xin Yong (assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Outstanding Faculty Service: Dmitry Ponomarev (professor, Department of Computer Science)
  • Outstanding Staff Service: Trisha Gana (senior assistant to the chair for the Department of Biomedical Engineering) and Elizabeth Kucharek (senior assistant to the chair for the Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Distinguished Educator: Sangwon Yoon (associate professor, Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering)