GEM Fellowship

The National GEM Consortium: The GEM Fellowship

About GEM

GEM is a network of employer and university partners working together to offer opportunities to talented students to obtain MS and PhD degrees through paid summer internships and full tuition fellowships. GEM addresses the critical shortfall in U.S. engineering and scientific talent by increasing the enrollment of domestic historically underrepresented ethnic/racial groups at the master's and PhD levels.

GEM Fellowship Funding

The GEM Fellowship is an employer-selected, university-funded program, where students receive:

  • Centralized recruiting from over 100+Universities
  • Paid summer internship(s) at one of 40+ employer members
  • Full graduate tuition and fees, plus a guaranteed minimum stipend

GEM MS Full Fellows will receive:

  • Minimum $8,000 stipend per year for up to 2 years
  • Full tuition and fees from GEM member university
  • Two paid summer internships with GEM Employer sponsor (required)

PhD Science/Engineering Full Fellow will receive:

  • Minimum $16,000 academic year stipend for one year from GEM
  • University commits to minimum stipend year 2-5
  • Full tuition and fees at GEM member university
  • One paid summer internship with GEM Employer sponsor (required)

Learn more about the National GEM Consortium and the GEM Fellowship.

Contact us

For more information, contact Carmen Jones (, Binghamton University's campus GEM representative.