Registration and orientation

Both matriculated (degree seeking) and non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students can take EngiNet courses.

Students interested in auditing an EngiNet course should e-mail EngiNet Distance-Education Program Coordinator Janice Kinzer or call (800) 478-0718 for instructions.  

All Student Must:

EngiNet Orientation

EngiNet offers asynchronous courses that remain on-line the entire semester. All EngiNet students will be on the exact schedule as on-campus students. If you need additional time you MUST contact the professor immediately.

All students must confirm registration using BU Brain.  

Registration will be cancelled if confirmation is not completed.

Add/Drop Deadlines

The last day to add or drop a course is Friday, September 12.

BU ID Card

  • Registered Binghamton University EngiNet students are issued a BU ID card.
  • ID cards are mailed to all EngiNet students.
  • You are not required to come to campus to obtain an ID card.

Computer Account

Go to BU Brain to obtain computer accounts or contact the Computing Center Help Desk by email at 607-777-6420.


  • Textbooks can be purchased from the Binghamton University Bookstore on-line or by calling 607-777-2745. You may purchase your textbook from any online book seller.
  • Read the syllabus located in Blackboard (Bb) to see the required textbook.

Online Streaming

  1. EngiNet courses are streamed online.
  2. Lectures are recorded until 9:00 pm Monday - Thursday. Lectures are posted within 24 hours of the day they are recorded.
  3. To view a course using streaming, your computer will need a high speed broadband connection.
  4. Blackboard (Bb) Course Management Systems will be used to post assignments, notes and lectures.
  5. Most professors will add section 20 (EngiNet students) to section 01. The professors like to only post once to Bb therefore, section 20 will be incorporated into section 01. The streaming lectures will remain in section 20.
  6. Click on "Contents" to see streaming lectures and notes.
  7. You must use your Binghamton University PODS account and password to access Blackboard (Bb). If you do not know your PODS account please go to BU Brain to access this information.
  8. If you have problems streaming please contact the EngiNet office by email or phone at 800-478-0718.

Homework Assignments

  • Assignments can be e-mailed or faxed (877-258-6640) to the EngiNet office or to the professor.
  • You can also upload homework assignments, projects or reports into Blackboard.


  • All EngiNet students are required to take exams on the same scheduled date as on-campus students. If you need additional time, you must contact the professor (copy the EngiNet office at
  • Local EngiNet students may be asked to come to campus to take the exam with on-campus students.


  • All distance learning students must identify a proctor to administer exams. The proctor must not be closely related to the student (for example, spouse, relatives, other student or friends). Usually, the proctor is a manager in the company where you are employed, a minister or a librarian.
  • A proctor letter is located in the course management system. Please have the proctor complete the proctor letter and fax or mail it back to the EngiNet office (877-258-6640).