Transfer Appeals Form

Appeals of Transfer Credit Granted

When you transfer into Binghamton University, you will receive a transcript evaluation which will show how your prior courses will be accepted in transfer.  If you do not agree with the decision on the granting or placement of credit that you earned at your prior institution, you have the right to submit an appeal.

Before You Submit This Form

  • You must be either an admitted transfer student or a current Binghamton student.  If you have not yet received notification of admission, you cannot submit this form.  
  • Please visit BU Brain to review your transcript and degree audit before submitting this online form. Do not submit this form until your initial transfer evaluation is complete and the courses from your previous college or university appear on BU Brain.  If you have sent in transcript(s) from your previous college or university, but the courses are not yet appearing on BU Brain, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 607-777-2171 or


  • For questions about evaluation of transfer credits, please see your school advising office.
  • For questions about the transfer appeals process, please contact Terry Kelley-Wallace, Director, Transfer Student Initiatives and Transfer Articulation, at 607-777-3868 or

Appeals Form

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Which type of requirement are you appealing?

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Which requirement are you petitioning?

Please provide the course number and name of the transfer course you are petitioning to use for this requirement.

Please provide the course description for this transfer course from the other college or university's website or catalog. The text box will automatically scroll down if you need more space.

Optional: If you would like to submit a syllabus, you may attach it here. A syllabus is not required but may be submitted to provide additional information regarding your request.

File to Upload:

Please click the button below to submit your petition. After submitting your petition, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your petition. Your petition will be automatically submitted to your school for consideration. You should receive a response directly from your school within 10 business days (15 business days when the University is not in session); this response may take the form of a decision on your petition, a request for additional information, or notification that your petition will be considered by a committee and the date on which a decision by that committee is expected.

Further Appeals Process for Students Transferring from a SUNY Institution

There is an additional appeals process if you have transferred from a prior SUNY institution.  If you submit the above form and receive a decision but do not agree with the decision regarding your SUNY courses, you may appeal to the SUNY System Provost.  If you submit the above form and do not receive a response within 15 business days of submitting the form, you may appeal to the SUNY System Provost.