Surface and Chemical Analysis

The Surface and Chemical Analysis (SCA) suite consists of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy system (XPS) and an FTIR spectrometer for chemical analyses; atomic force microscope (AFM), optical and stylus profilers for surface topography, and a spectroscopic ellipsometer for optical properties and film thickness measurements. Our XPS system is capable of micro and macro spot analysis as well as depth profiling, chemical state mapping and angle resolve analysis. Our AFM is a multi-technique scanning probe system equipped with contact and tapping mode AFM, conductive AFM, Magnetic Force (MFM), Scanning Capacitance (SCM), nano-manipulation, nano-indentation, force modulation and fluid imaging capabilities. The stylus and optical profilers provide 3D size of features, step height, film thickness and surface roughness measurements. Spectroscopic ellipsometry technique is used to determine film thickness and optical properties such as refractive index, absorption coefficients and band gap.