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Archaeology Faculty

headshot of Sebastien C.P. Lacombe

Sebastien C.P. Lacombe

Research Assistant Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies


Research Interests

  • Archaeopetrography
  • lithic analysis and sourcing
  • landscape archaeology
  • experimental archaeology
  • CRM
  • Prehistoric Europe
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headshot of Carl  P. Lipo

Carl P. Lipo

Professor; Associate Dean for Research and Programs

Anthropology; Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

  • Evolution of Past Human Populations
  • Models of Cultural Transmission
  • Methods in Remote Sensing, Geophysics
  • North American Prehistory, Prehistory of the Pacific
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headshot of David W. Mixter

David W. Mixter

Research Assistant Professor

Environmental Studies Program

Research Interests

  • Archaeology of the Ancient Maya
  • Comparative Studies of Societal Collapse and Recovery
  • Frontiers and Early Complexity
  • Social Dynamics of Urban Landscapes
  • Collective Memory
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
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headshot of Maria O'Donovan

Maria O'Donovan

Senior Staff Assistant; Director of MAPA Program

Public Archaeology Facility; Anthropology

Research Interests

  • Cultural Resource Management and Heritage
  • Historical and Contemporary Archaeology
  • Northeastern United States
  • Social Theory
  • Landscape
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Biological Anthropology Faculty

headshot of Elizabeth DiGangi

Elizabeth DiGangi

Associate Professor


Research Interests

  • Forensic anthropology
  • Population-specific standards
  • Age-at-death estimation
  • Trauma analysis
  • Prehistoric and historic health; stress; and well-being
  • Latin America; Caribbean; Europe Bioarchaeology; Paleopathology
  • North Africa
  • North America
  • Ancestry and social race
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headshot of D.  Andrew Merriwether

D. Andrew Merriwether

Professor; Collegiate Professor for College in the Woods

Anthropology; Residential Life

Research Interests

  • Ancient DNA/PaleoGenomics
  • Molecular Anthropology
  • Peopling of the New World and The Pacific
  • Plant and Animal Domestication
  • Population Genetics/Phylogenetics
  • Forensic DNA
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Biomedical Anthropology
  • Evolutionary Biology/Molecular Evolution
  • Paleodemography
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headshot of Deborah Schechter

Deborah Schechter

Instructor/Director of Graduate Program in Biomedical Anthropology


Research Interests

  • Health disparities
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Biocultural models of health and disease
  • Community-based research methods
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Linguistic Anthropology Faculty

headshot of Douglas J. Glick

Douglas J. Glick

Associate Professor; TRIP Courtesy Title

Linguistics Program; Anthropology; Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP)

Research Interests

  • Linguistic anthropology
  • semiotics
  • mass media
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headshot of Sabina Perrino

Sabina Perrino

Associate Professor/Director of Linguistics Program


Research Interests

  • Intimacy in Interaction
  • Language use in Ethnomedical Encounters & Political Speeches
  • Oral Narratives as Discursive Practices
  • Racialized Language in Everyday Conversation
  • Spatiotemporal Relations (Chronotope)
  • Research Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
  • Fitness Culture and Practices
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Sociocultural Anthropology Faculty

headshot of Douglas R. Holmes

Douglas R. Holmes

Distinguished Professor


Research Interests

  • Contemporary fascism
  • Central banks and monetary policy
  • Technologies of money
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Experimental ethnography
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headshot of Joshua Reno

Joshua Reno

Professor/Graduate Director; TRIP Courtesy Title

Anthropology; Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP)

Research Interests

  • Environment
  • science and technology studies
  • semiotics
  • material culture
  • North America
  • United Kingdom
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headshot of Thomas M. Wilson

Thomas M. Wilson



Research Interests

  • National identity and nationalism; international borders and frontiers; ethnicity and ethnic conflict; political ritual and symbolism; commercial farming; agrarian economic strategies and politics; public policy and interest group formation; local government and political parties; cinema and popular culture; European integration; the borderlands of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Canada, and the United States.
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Emeritus Faculty

headshot of Nina M.  Versaggi

Nina M. Versaggi

Retired, Senior Research Associate

Public Archaeology Facility

Research Interests

  • Cultural resource management
  • Northeastern U.S. archaeology
  • Hunter-gatherer land use patterns
  • American battlefield archaeology
  • Native American consultations and collaborations
  • Archaeology in the classroom

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