Speakers and Session Chairs

Our 34th Annual Electronics Packaging will be held in-person this year at the Albany Nanotech Complex. Please check the main page for the speaker and session chair info. 

On this page, we would like to share with you the speakers and session chairs who will participate in our 34th Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium. This page will fill up with speakers and session chairs as they are confirmed.


Session Chairs and Speakers

Session 0: Keynote Speakers - (Benson Chan, Nancy Stoffel)

Speaker: Dev Shenoy (DoD)

Title: Microelectronics Security: A Growing National Imperative

Speaker: James Lu (RPI)

Title: 3D HI of Chiplets: Current Landscape, Challenges and Future Perspectives

Session 1: Future of Computing for HPC / AI – Sathya Raghavan & Aakrati Jain (IBM)

Speaker: Griselda Bonilla (IBM)

Title: Innovative Packaging Interconnects for AI Multi-chip Systems

Speaker: Joe Van Nostrand (AFRL)

Title: Emerging Technology for Neuromorphic Computing at the Edge

Speaker: Rajen Sidhu (AMD)

Title: Advanced Packaging – The Future of High-Performance Computing

Session 2: Photonics Packaging – John Mazurowski (Penn State Optical Lab)

Speaker: James Monroe (Allvar Alloys)

Title: ALLVAR Alloys: Novel Materials for Optics and Extreme Environments

Speaker: Colin McDonough (AIM Photonics)

Title: AIM Photonics’ Photonic Interposer Technologies

Speaker: Ronald Cok (X-Celeprint)

Title: Micro-Transfer Printing for Heterogeneous Integration and Micro-Assembly

Session 3: Thermal Challenges – Ramchandra Kotecha (GE Aerospace)

Speaker: Rinaldo Miorini (GE Research)

Title: A Novel Package-Integrated Cyclone Cooler (PICCO) for the Thermal Management of Power Electronics

Speaker: Srikanth Rangarajan (Binghamton)

Title: Thermal Management of High Power Electronics Using Liquid Cooling and Phase Change Materials

Speaker: Peter Debock (ARPA-E)

Title: ARPA-E COOLERCHIPS: Transformational Energy Efficient Computing

Session 4: Wearable and Flexible Electronics – Gurvinder Khinda Singh (GE)

Speaker: Woon-Hong Yeo (Georgia Tech)

Title: Flexible Wearable Sensors and Electronics for Pediatric Healthcare

Speaker: Christine Kallmayer (Fraunhofer IZM)

Title: Novel Materials and Technologies for Soft Robotic Grippers

Speaker: Zach Kiehl (Sentinel of Safety)

Title: Flexible Hybrid Electronics in the Wild: Wearable Sensors for Health & Safety Assessment

Session 5: Heterogeneous Integration – Liang Yin (GE)

Speaker: Suburamanian S. Iyer (UCLA)

Title: Advanced Packaging - Quo Vadis

Speaker: Douglas Hopkins (NC State)

Title: Investigation of High Current Fine Grain Power Devices for 3D Heterogeneous Integration

Speaker: Jack Lombardi (AFRL)

Title: Packaging Considerations for Neuromorphic Computing

Session 6: Substrates, Platform for Advanced Packaging – Marie Cole

Speaker: Mitsukura Kazuyuki (Resonac)

Title: Resonac Open Innovation Platform for Advanced Package

Speaker: Lars Bursburg (Corning)

Title: Advanced Glass Substrate for Co-packaged Optics

Speaker: Erik Jung (Fraunhofer IZM)

Title: Collective Wiring with Substrate and Substrateless Concepts for High Density Integration

Session 7: Flexible and Additive Electronics – Scott Miller (NextFlex)

Speaker: Canek Fuentes Hernandez (Northeastern)

Title: Flexible and Stretchable Organic Electronics for Power Autonomous Edge Technologies

Speaker: Jona Engel (Nanoscribe)

Title: Simplifying Photonic Packaging with Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL)

Speaker: Mohammed Alhendi (Binghamton)

Title: Advances in Printing and Electronics — from Concepts to Devices

Session 8: Power Electronics / Harsh Environments – David Shaddock (GE)

Speaker: Emad Andarawis (GE)

Title: Extreme Environment Electronics: Recent Progress Towards Electronics for Beyond 500°C Operation

Speaker: Sreekant Naramanchi (NREL)

Title: Power Electronics Packaging, Thermal Management and Thermomechanical Activities at NREL

Speaker: Stefan Behrendt (Danfoss Silicon Power)

Title: Inorganic Encapsulated Power Modules for WBG Applications with High Power Loss Density