Our 33rd Electronics Packaging Symposium will be held in-person. Please check the main page for this year's agenda.


Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Session

Electronics packaging, bridging electronics systems and electronics
devices, has become the crucial factor for system product performance,
cost, and time to market. Innovations in packaging and systems have
emerged to be a significant full throttle engine of innovation and
creativity across diverse market applications from high-performance
computing and data centers, to mobile, medical health and wearables,
automotive, internet of everything, and aerospace and defense. The
Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) is a system and application
driven roadmap with the purpose to foster precompetitive collaboration
among industry, academia, and government so that there is sufficient
lead time to address major technical challenges and potential solutions
paving the way for continued progress and innovations for
microelectronics resurgence well in to future decades crucial for global
economy. This HIR workshop will feature a keynote presentation
addressing specifically “Heterogeneous Integration in High
Performance Computing”. We have invited six (6) of the twenty three
(23) HIR technical working groups (TWG) to give updates of their
chapters. Finally we shall invite all the speakers to form a panel for
round table discussion and Q&A from the workshop audience.

HIR Speaker List

Workshop Led By:

william chen

             William Chen

                ASE Group

Building the North American Ecosystem for Adv Packaging: What comes next?

The U.S. Government is providing funding to the U.S. electronics industry to improve the competitive position of the industry.  While much of the funding is focused on semiconductor production, a portion will be allocated to advanced packaging.  What types of advanced packages will be considered and what are the ecosystem requirements for these packages?  Are global partnerships needed?   This panel discusses critical needs for advanced packaging in North American and expectations for what comes next.

Panel Moderators:  

E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, Inc. and Nancy Stoffel, GE Research


Robert Rudnitsky  (NIST),
Melissa Gruper-Schemansky (SEMI),
Alan Huffman (Skywaters),
Eric Forsythe (DoD),
Bill Chen (ASE/HIR roadmapping),
Annette Teng (AIM Photonics, TAP)