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How to prevent your Zoom meetings from being Zoom-bombed by trolls UPDATED 6/17

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How to prevent your Zoom meetings from being Zoom-bombed by trolls...

With the coronavirus outbreak and folks working and learning from home,  an important tool that is making that possible is Zoom. But if you don’t take necessary precautions, your meeting could be Zoom-bombed or gate-crashed without you realizing it, which could cause havoc. Randomly disrupted or hacked meetings have included being bombarded with disturbing imagery among other things.


For public meetings, Zoom reminds users to share your meeting link privately - not to share on social media, which makes your event public. That means anyone with the link can join in on the meeting. Zoom offers a variety of suggestions for managing your meetings’ participants:

UPDATE: The latest Zoom client V5 has a "security" button with a number of "in-meeting" security controls, to make it more convenient for users to control the privacy in their meetings. So make sure you update to the latest Zoom client (Do this on a regular basis.).


More information on latest security options: .

5/11 SECURITY UPDATE: Review this link:  

Go to these articles for more detailed information:


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