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ITS Self-Help

Everything from How To Print on Campus to 2 Factor Authentication

All Things Printing

How do I print?

Go to the print page for instructions for setup/configuration of devices, which includes iPhone and Android, to print to Papercut, Binghamton University’s public printing system that allows users to print from any device. Students can use the Print@Binghamton secure printing system to print to a fleet of black/white and color printers located in ITS Computer Labs around campus. 

STEP 1: Find a convenient printing location on campus. There are b/w and color printers available for student use.

STEP 2: Log in to Print@Binghamton with your BU ID to view your printing history, jobs pending release, and upload documents for print.

STEP 3: Once you have uploaded a printing job, simply wave your BU ID over the scanner on any printer!

What is LabFind and how do I use it?

Labfind is a mobile app capable of locating available computers near you. Not only will the app show computers available in real time, it will also suggest the closest option and even give directions!

Download on Apple Store | Download on Google Play


Find information about how to save paper on the I.T.S. PRINT PAGE.

Find out your own sustainable impact for the semester here.

Where can I access my printing quota?

Log in to Print@Binghamton with your BU ID to view your printing quota. This amount resets at the beginning of each semester and any value left at the end of the semester will not rollover. 

What is the environmental impact of printing?

THINK before you print. Be conscious of your impact on the environment.

Help Desk

What kind of services does the help desk provide? When should I reach out?

Self Service Links: Tech issues happen often; the ITS website hosts a variety of self-service links to assist students in resolving a few of the most common issues. So, check out the links here for the most common issues and resolutions before turning to the Help Desk. 

RESCON Program: Technical support for students, by students; ResCon’s are students in each residential community available to help resolve student’s technology related questions and act as a liaison with the ITS Department.

Find the email of your residential community’s corresponding ResCon here.

ResCon’s are available to reach via email, the ITS Help Desk, or through your R.A.

How do I contact the Help Desk?

FIRST - check on the ITS website for self-help via the A-Z DIRECTORY or the following:



Phone: 607-777-6420

In person: Visit the Tech Hub (In the Engineering Plaza Between Bartle Library and Union)

What are the Help Desk Hours?

Fall & Spring Semesters:

Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Summer and Winter Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and is an encryption tool that conceals a user’s actions on the internet from service providers, hackers, and anyone looking to take advantage of a digital presence. 

For more information, read the ITS Blog: What in the world is a VPN and how can it keep me safe on the internet?

Wi-Fi Related Questions

How do I report a Wi-Fi issue?

Did you know you can tell ITS about any troubles you're having with your Wi-Fi experience on campus? Complete this form to submit your feedback!

Why am I having trouble connecting my device to eduroam?

→ If you are trying to connect a gaming device or printer to the Wi-Fi, log in to MyDevices with your BU ID to connect to the mydevicesbing network.

→ Your device may not be configured properly, configure your device using JoinNow to successfully connect to eduroam


How do I set up my Binghamton Email (BMail)?

Step 1: Enter your PODS ID (name and number in binghamton email)  into the Password Portal.

Step 2: Select a contact to receive a One-Time-Password (phone number or email) and enter that code into the designated area.

Step 3: Set your new password, a confirmation will be sent acknowledging the password update.

You can now login and check your Bmail!

2 Factor Authentication (2fa)

Why do we use 2fa?

Binghamton uses 2fa to add an additional layer of security for BU users logging in to BU domains such as Gmail, Office 365, or Brightspace. The request for an authentication code ensures that only the designated user is able to login to their account. 

How to set up 2fa? More information here. OR the 2FA webpage.

Select the device on which you wish to set up 2fa and follow the corresponding instructions. 

Phone or Tablet → Google Authenticator

Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on Laptop or Computer → Browser Extension

Synchronize Devices → Authy

How do you differentiate between scams/phishing and a legitimate email?

Check out the ITS PHISH TANK for an updated list of phishing scams to be aware of.

How do I report a scam/phishing?

Have you received scam calls or emails? Report these incidents to and cc

Loaner Laptops

How can I loan a laptop from Binghamton University?

→ If your device is being repaired by the ITS Help Desk, you can complete the Loaner Request Form to receive a loaner laptop for the month of your computer repair.

→ Need a laptop for a few hours? The Library Loaner Program facilitates short term (less than 3 hours) loans.

The Dean of Students CARE Loaner Laptop Program provides a limited number of loaner laptops for students demonstrating need for technological equipment during their academic studies. Students must meet eligibility requirements which are detailed in the application form.

What kind of laptops are available for loan?

Depending on the program chosen, Dell or Macbook Pro laptops are available for loan. Availability is limited so you will receive whichever type is available at the time. 

How long can I use a loaner laptop?

Depending on which program you choose - short term, long term, or device repair - you can loan out a laptop anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire semester. Visit this site detailing the different types of loaner laptop programs available. 


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