Lab Audits

When a lab or work space has been identified by EH&S as requiring audit, we will work with the occupant to explain the auditing procedure and LabCliq program. Once the Principle Investigator (PI) has been identified, they will be added into LabCliq. An automated email from "" will prompt the new user to enter a username and password for the program.

How to Certify a Corrective Action

Once an audit has been completed by EH&S, you will receive an email similar to the one below:

Email from LabCliq after an inspection has been performed

Clicking on the link will bring you to the LabCliq home page (after you log in):

 LabCliq completion page where you can click to comment or complete the action

From this screen you can view the violations. When the actions have been addressed click COMPLETE to close out the corrections. You must complete the corrective actions by the due date our you will be sent a reminder email. You can leave a comment, but EHS Staff may not see the comment. 

Requesting Clarification

You can respond to the email or send a message if you have questions about your lab inspection or need clarification. We try our best during the lab inspections to make it clear what the violation is with pictures and notes and are happy to clarify.