Relocation and Renovation

The information below should give you a good idea of what to expect if your lab is planned on being relocated or renovated.

Project Coordinators:

You will be assigned a project coordinator, this will be your main point of contact. They will provide you with a project timeline, tasks for you to complete to make the mission go smoother, and help you coordinate resources (i.e. electricians, expediters).


Most of the heavy lifting will be done by the expediting team. They won't pack boxes for you, but they will assist in moving the boxes from your old space to your new space. You should be present as the expediters will need your help. The expediters will not move chemicals or anything containing chemicals, so you must coordinate the chemical move with EHS.

Before expediters move equipment, you must certify that it has been cleaned and therefore no longer chemically contaminated. You must fill out an equipment decommissioning form  and send it to PF Customer Service, also attaching  a copy to the equipment being moved.


You should notify EHS if your lab space is being relocated, this way our lab inspections are accurate and we can assist with disposing of hazardous waste. It is recommended that all hazards be mitigated before allowing the initial stages of the move to commence. This includes a thorough cleaning and reorganization of the lab, disposing of excess waste, and packing boxes so chemicals are kept separate. EHS personnel can provide manpower or guidance when moving chemicals from one space to another.

NOTE: Chemicals cannot be transported across public roads without the use of a professional chemical transporter. This process is expensive and time consuming. If you are aware you will be moving across public roads, please avoid ordering excess chemicals. Try to wait until the move is complete before placing large chemical orders.

Closeouts and Shutdowns

Closing out a Lab

If you are turning over a lab space to a new PI, or are leaving the university and turning your lab space over to your department chair, there must be a record of this. Fill out the Lab Closeout Checklist and return it to EH&S. The checklist provides a list of things you must do before turning in the keys, and ensures that no unknown chemicals are left behind. 

Temporary RampDown

In the case of a national or global emergency that requires labs to be shutdown and unoccupied for an extended amount of time, PI's should take care that no hazards are left. Most PI's should have a good idea how to safely shut down their labs, but we have created this Laboratory RampDown Checklist that may help. This is strictly a guidance document and does not need to be filled out and returned to EH&S

COVID Related Research

If your lab is starting research related to COVID-19 and will be occupied before the State of Emergency has been lifted, follow the COVID Related Research Policy to make sure labs are abiding by all accepted safety practices.