Fume Hoods

Hazardous material guidelines mandate engineering controls be in place before personal protective gear. Each lab where chemical interactions take place is equipped with a the Right Fume Hood for the Job

Fume hoods work by directly and actively pulling chemical odors and vapors up through ventilation tube to the roof. However, not all fume hoods are created equally.

Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods:

Perchloric acid may vaporize and form explosive crystals in the ductwork. If formed, the crystals are shock sensitive and form a serious danger to future maintenance personnel. Special perchloric acid fume hoods have a washdown feature that prevents the buildup of crystals. If you are using perchloric acid and are unsure if you have the correct fume hood, please contact EH&S for inspection.

For more information about fume hoods please contact:

Steve Endres, Industrial Hygienist