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2019 Construction/Staging Map

Paving Projects

A number of areas will be paved during the summer. A schedule will be shared once it is available from the contractor. The work includes:

  • West Drive from the West Gym to the Academic Complex will be paved. The intersection of West Drive and Bunn Hill Access Road will be re-configured.
  • The bus stop on Bunn Hill Access will be moved a little north closer to the McGuire Building and a speed bump will be installed at the pedestrian crossing to improve safety.
  • The drive to Clearview Hall will be paved.
  • The drive to lot E1 and parking area at the Campus Pre School will be paved.
  • Parking lot M4 will be paved. Lot M3 may be paved if the budget permits.
  • The bus stop at Hillside Community will be paved.

Bearcat Sports Complex Electrical Upgrade

This project involves trenching along Bunn Hill Access Road and will mean the road will be reduced to one lane in the outbound lane. Flag persons will assist with traffic control. An exact schedule is not yet available but will be shared once in hand. We anticipate work to begin around the end of May and be complete by the end of July.

University Union Basement Renovations

There are two projects involving the University Union basement. The schedules will overlap somewhat.

The first project involves the Campus Mail Services area and will begin after Commencement and be complete in mid August. Note that CMS will remain operational throughout the work and signage will be posted as work areas and CMS operations shift during construction. The project involves demo of existing space so that new space with an updated configuration can be constructed. There will be new flooring, ceilings, lighting, counters, mailboxes and package unpacking counters for students.

The second project will get underway in late June and be complete in January 2020. It involves renovation of student activity/entertainment spaces including bowling, billiards, ping pong, Late Nite and other areas such as the the bike repair shop and meal plan office. Work will involve removing walls and installing glass storefront systems, new flooring, ceilings, lighting, restrooms and mechanical improvements. The project will create a more open, inviting space.
* There will be two staging sites for these projects. One located adjacent to Admissions and another on the east side of the University Union across from Admissions.

UU bowling UU study 

Hinman Dining Hall Renovation

Hinman Dining HallThere will be a complete renovation of Hinman Dining Hall including a 26,500 sq. ft. addition. All interior spaces will be gutted and new interior space constructed. New electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment will be installed. The addition will be three floors and will house a new lounge, restrooms, program and retail space. The project involves a lot of site utility relocation that will impact the Hinman Quad and pedestrian paths in and around Hinman College. Work is expected to begin in September and be complete in fall 2020.

Cleveland Hall Renovation

This project involves asbestos abatement and demo and reconfiguration of all baths including six ADA accessible suite baths. Flooring will be removed and replaced. All windows and glass storefronts will be replaced with energy efficient systems. New building insulation will also be installed along with a new roof. Elevators will be replaced. Rooms will be painted and new lighting installed. HVAC systems will be upgraded and will include air conditioning. Electrical and plumbing infrastructure will also be updated.

It is anticipated that work will begin in September and be complete in June, 2020.

*Most of L lot will be taken off line for staging for both the dining hall and Cleveland renovations. Some ADA spaces will be retained with new access off West Drive to be constructed in summer 2019. In addition, temporary walkways will be constructed to get pedestrians to/from the M lots to the main campus.

ITC Emergency Vehicle Access

An emergency vehicle drive will be constructed on the east side of the ITC complex off the J lots.

Science 2 Tower

This summer, the contractor will begin work to install new windows and paneling around the windows on the Science 2 tower. It is anticipated that work will begin shortly after Commencement on the north and east sides of the tower. Scaffolding will be required and the work will last into the fall. Design is underway on interior spaces.

Science 3 Chiller Replacement

New equipment will be installed in the mechanical room and on the roof of Science 3. The work is not scheduled yet but will involve use of a helicopter to place equipment on the Science 3 roof.

Engineering Building Renovation

Work continues on this project and in summer 2019 scaffolding will be set up to install new exterior panels on the building. Work on the entire project is scheduled to conclude at the end of 2020.

Clearview Roof

The roof on Clearview will be replace in summer 2019.

Repair of Retaining Wall at Fine Arts

The retaining wall facing the Peace Quad next to the grand stairs will be re-built this summer. The work is expected to take a couple of weeks to complete and will likely get underway towards the end of May.

Fine Arts/Anderson Center Corridor Work

Ceilings and lighting will be replaced in the Fine Arts/Anderson Center Corridor ground floor where vending machines are located. The area will be painted as well.

Library Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades will take place in Library south and Library addition second floor.

Site Lighting Upgrades

Site lighting will be upgraded along East Access Road.

Upgrades in Residential Halls

New flooring will be installed in the suites and great room of Windham at Mountainview. At CIW, Mohawk's exterior will be refurbished. Boilers and hot water tanks will be replaced at Hempstead and Keuka in the Hillside Community. Doors, tubs and flooring will also be replace in several Hillside buildings.

Renovations to Corliss Avenue

48 CorlissWork has begun on the foundation of the addition that will house an elevator/stair tower, lobby, classrooms and mechanical room. Exterior work on windows and facade continues. Flooring is also being removed inside to begin the process of installing new utilities. The renovation of the first four floors will create classrooms, simulation labs, offices, advising and conference space, an information commons, food service and public space for the Decker School of Nursing. Floors five and six will be shelled out for future nursing program expansion. Work will be complete in August 2020.

Corlissday  Lobby 


Pharmacy Basement Facilities

Finishing work is underway in the Pharmacy basement including painting, tile work and flooring. This project is providing hub facilities for the Health Sciences Campus for University Police, Environmental Health and Safety and Information Technology. Work will be complete later this spring.

Pharmacy R&D Building

The campus is working through the design and estimate process with the consultant. The facility will support School of Pharmacy research efforts and be connected to the SOP. Work is expected to begin in summer 2019 with completion in fall 2020.

Upgrade Site High Voltage Phase 6

This project upgrades underground manholes, conduit, duct banks and high voltage cables for the Science Complex. Most of the exterior work, with the exception of site restoration, is complete. The contractor is now focused on equipment installations in Science buildings.

Science 2 Renovation Phase 1

Removal of existing exterior façade now progressing on the north face of the Physic's wing. Asbestos abatement and demo has wrapped up and work is underway on constructing new walls and mechanical rough-ins. The entire Physics wing is being renovated to provide multi discipline undergraduate labs, classrooms, restrooms, energy efficient exterior fenestration and updated MEP building systems including air conditioning. The project is expected to be complete in 2020. 

Science 4 Renovation Phase 2

Schematic design is underway to renovate the west half of Science 4. Renovation of the east side was completed in 2018.  The project will involve installation of new mechanical systems for the west side of Science 4 and renovation of office space, laboratories, and support space. Design will continue through much of 2019 with construction anticipated to begin toward the end of the year.

Engineering Building Renovation Phases 4&5

Ceiling grids have been installed in many areas. Lights are installed in offices and all windows on the third floor have been removed. Electrical rough-in work is completed. All support steel, door frames and exterior framing is in place for the new facade. Window framing and glazing will be underway soon along with flooring and ceiling tile installation. New exterior insulation work will begin soon. Electrical fixtures will be installed and lighting to be completed toward the end of May.

Upgrades to HVAC systems including new air handlers, chiller and duct work are part of the project. Upgrades to power panels, lighting controls, fiber optics and emergency generators and new ADA compliant offices, classrooms and restrooms are part of the renovation as well as new exterior energy efficient cladding with insulated panels and new windows. The project will renovate 66,000 square feet of space in the Engineering Building. Work will be complete at the end of 2020.

Science 2 Tower Renovation

The scope of work for this project is still being developed, but will include gutting spaces on floors three through eight with complete renovation of that space. A number of critical maintenance items will be addressed including asbestos abatement, new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. The building exterior will be reclad enhancing energy efficiency under the phase I, of the Physics wing renovation project.

Rehab Science Greenhouses

This critical maintenance project will reorganize the research layout of the greenhouses and create a new entrance. Window glazing panels/system will be replaced along with mechanical components including venting, cooling and water distribution systems.

Library Third Floor Renovations

This project entails a complete gut and renovation of Library South third floor including asbestos abatement and installation of new flooring, ceilings and lighting. Mechanical systems serving the area will be replaced/upgraded including air handlers and chiller. The energy management system will also be upgraded so energy systems can be better managed and costs reduced. The third floor will be connected to existing south stair tower.

Onondaga Renovation

As this project nears completion workers are laying ceramic tile in main lobby, and installing other flooring in hallways. Painting continues along with door and hardware installation. Masonry restoration on exterior and roofing is underway as weather permits.  Lighting fixtures are being installed and pumps and heating systems being installed in mechanical room. The project on time for construction completion in June.

Last Updated: 5/9/19