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Restrictions for Personal Package Delivery

One Drop Locations

Proper Addressing Formats

Package Delivery Update

During the last quarter of 2018, Physical Facilities began working with delivery vendors on a program which would allow for direct delivery of packages from the vendor to offices on campus. This program was implemented in January 2019 and for a variety of reasons was not successful for all areas of campus.

To assure that the campus community continues to receive packages in a timely manner, beginning Monday, April 1, UPS will return to delivering packages to Central Receiving and Physical Facilities will deliver to offices across campus. However, some buildings have found that they prefer to designate one area in the building for UPS deliveries. In those cases, UPS will deliver directly to the "one stop shop" designated in the building. To date, 21 buildings have opted to have their packages delivered in this manner. The list of buildings and UPS drop locations can be found here. If your building is not currently on the list and you prefer to have packages delivered in this manner, please speak with your Building Administrator. If not, rest assured that your packages will be received by and delivered from Central Receiving.

Next Day Air deliveries will continue to be delivered directly to the addressee by UPS. FedEx, DHL and others will continue to deliver directly to the addressee. Questions and concerns can be addressed by contacting Central Receiving at 7-4004 or

Please see the proper addressing formats here.

Materials Requiring Special Handling

There are a number of shipments that require special handling and care. These are items that require temperature controls, chemical deliveries, medical supplies, fragile and high value items and more! Please work with the company you are purchasing from to ensure your items safe delivery.

Last Updated: 3/30/19