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Central Receiving/Warehouse

Restrictions for Personal Package Delivery

Proper Addressing Formats

Changes in Small Package Delivery

Physical Facilities is modifying package delivery of items under 75 pounds to manage ongoing budget reductions and staffing challenges. Over the last couple of months we have:

  • Worked with UPS, FEDEX and other carriers to deliver directly to the point of address on packages to reduce delivery time and provide customers an accurate chain of custody for packages
  • Initiated a pilot program in ITC to prepare local carriers for this change in procedure
  • Conducted a soft launch of direct delivery to the University Downtown Center, School of Pharmacy and main campus buildings earlier this year
  • Worked with campus customers on proper addressing to ensure timely, direct delivery by UPS, FEDEX and other carriers

Some background:

  • Central Receiving handles 52,000 packages a year, averaging 1,000 packages per week
  • Since direct delivery began late last year, 90% of all packages are being addressed with the correct format and delivered to various campus locations
  • We have worked with the remaining 10% to provide accurate names/building name or room number
  • Of those remaining packages, less than 1% have been received with an invalid shipping address and we will continue to work on improving those areas

Please see the proper addressing formats here.

We will continue to work with campus customers via phone, email or in person on correct postal formatting for packages with University destinations. Physical Facilities wants you to receive deliveries in the most efficient & effective manner possible.

Contact Central Receiving at 607-777-4004, Customer Service at 607-777-2226 or email with any questions or to have a member of our staff meet with you to review these procedures.

Materials Requiring Special Handling

There are a number of shipments that require special handling and care. These are items that require temperature controls, chemical deliveries, medical supplies, fragile and high value items and more! Please work with the company you are purchasing from to ensure your items safe delivery.

Last Updated: 2/7/19