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The Physical Facilities Grounds Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of all outdoor areas on campus including: lawns, flower beds, walkways and roadways.

The Grounds Department maintains more that 6.3 miles of roads, 3.5 miles of service drives, 23 miles of walks and 38.5 acres of parking lots with 14 grounds workers. 

Grounds Department tasks include:

  • Mowing- the campus is divided into zones and lawn areas (with the exception of athletic fields) are mowed once a week.
  • Police Grounds- grounds crews survey campus grounds and clean up any litter seven days a week.
  • Plant, weed and water flower beds.
  • Oversee pesticide applications.
  • Maintain athletic and co-recreation fields.
  • Trim trees.
  • Remove snow from roads and walkways.
  • Clean roads and walkways.
  • Perform minor excavation and paving.
  • Provide support as needed for various campus events.

Expediting Services

Physical Facilities expediters have a number of roles. The expediters perform office moves and large package deliveries; deliver, set up and break down tables, chairs, and other equipment for events; and pick up and deliver supplies for residential halls and grounds.

Examples of non-chargeable services provided by Expediting Services:
  • Moving/delivery of large shipments from Central Receiving to Campus locations
  • Moving furnishings from one location to another
  • Office moves
Examples of chargeable services provided by Expediting Services:
  • Moving (expediting) services provided after regular hours or those performed in conjunction with major renovations
  • Delivery of materials for special events
Office Moves

Relocation Procedures can be found here. Contract moving is required when the work is beyond our capability. Evaluations of all large moves are provided based on the information provided to Customer Service and/or at the request of the customer.

Last Updated: 2/26/19