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Operation Cleanup

This is the time of year Physical Facilities reaches out to the campus community to make a special effort to assist any departments/areas in disposing of unwanted/obsolete equipment, files or other items. Operation Cleanup will take place Friday, Jan. 15. Facilities will support this effort with extra dumpsters, recycling receptacles or confidential shred bins. Follow the guidelines below so your needs can be met during this effort.

1.  A service request for disposal of all equipment should be submitted to the Customer Service Center by Wednesday Jan. 13. Enter "Operation Cleanup" on the service request so it can be processed appropriately. The service request should be specific as to the building, description of material and location where it should be picked up. Be sure to note any utility disconnects that may be needed for removing some equipment. For those submitting via the web form, include “Operation Cleanup” in your description line.

2.  Material and equipment for disposal will need to be appropriately tagged as trash and moved to the loading dock (preferably) just prior to Jan. 10, or at least into the hallway that morning.  If you have exceptionally heavy equipment, note it in your service request so that expeditors can be scheduled to assist.

3.  Chemicals or equipment that may contain hazardous materials, including most electronics, will require clearance by Environmental Health and Safety and special handling. Include a completed copy of the Laboratory Equipment Decommissioning Procedure form with your request. Form can be found online

4.   If you are disposing of equipment that has been tagged by the University’s inventory process, you will need to fill out a Form A and list all of the equipment on it so that the University’s property disposal coordinator can complete the appropriate paperwork to remove it from the inventory. Information about this process, along with Form A can be found on the Property Control website

5.  Be sure to properly dispose of confidential information by using the confidential shred bins. If you need additional bins, include that information on your service request.

If your office maintains the official records for the University and you will be disposing of these records you must follow the appropriate Record Retention Schedule for these records. Destruction reports are required for all official records being disposed of and must be submitted to the Records Management Officer at

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6.  Although Physical Facilities does not assist with this, the campus community is reminded to also review your electronic files.

Last Updated: 1/4/21