Theatre Awards

Each spring, awards carrying modest financial stipends are awarded to students of high achievement in theatre studies and production. Selections are made by the faculty of the Department of Theatre. One of the awards, the Jack Berman Award, is for a junior student, with the remaining three for seniors.

Though an effort is made to distribute the senior awards to students representing different sub-specializations, there is no mandate to guarantee area representation. The description of each award is listed below.

The Jack Berman Award

Endowed by Jack Berman and given for the first time in 1978, it is awarded to an outstanding third-year (junior) undergraduate student whose record of service and achievement creates an expectation of significant contributions to the department and the University during the student's senior year; may be awarded in either the performance or production areas. The recipient is selected by the faculty of the Theatre Department.

Foundation Award for Creative Work in the Fine Arts - Theatre

Given to a senior student for outstanding creative or scholarly achievement; may be awarded for a single significant project or as recognition of continued excellence over several semesters of theatre participation; determined by the theatre faculty.

Theatre Department Award

Awarded by the faculty of the Theatre Department to a senior student in recognition of outstanding service and achievement in theatre production as a designer, manager or technician; normally awarded for cumulative achievement rather than a single project.

Don A. Watters Award

An award funded by a committee which administers the Don A. Watters Scholarship Fund. Watters, professor of theatre and chairman of the Division of Humanities, died Oct. 13, 1968. Awarded by the faculty of the Department of Theatre to a senior student (major or minor) in recognition of outstanding service or achievement in theatre. Normally awarded for cumulative achievement rather than for a single project.

The Albert Nocciolino Excellence in Theatre Award 

A varying amount cash award. In recognition of excellence in a practicing theatre artist during his/her residence with the Department of Theatre at Binghamton University. This award is presented with the overwhelming support of the theatre faculty.