New Student FAQs and Classes

Classes & Registration

How do I get into closed classes?

Contact the teacher via e-mail and then go to the first class. There are often spaces on the first day which can be filled by the instructor. The instructor has “Permission to Add” forms which must then be taken to the Theatre Office (FA-127) during registration hours, visit for Fall 2019  Registration times.

Some classes are restricted for majors and minors only?

 There are two sections for many Theatre Dept. classes. Section ‘02’ is designated for Majors and Minors. If you are not yet, but will be a theatre major or minor, you can declare your theatre major or minor by meeting with Undergraduate Director, Barbara Wolfe, and then sign into the major/minor section the next day. If the class is closed, and you are not a major/minor, check with the instructor the first day of class. If there are still openings in the class the instructor may decide to add non-majors to the major section.

Can I take Dance classes even if I’m not a Major/Minor?

Yes, our dance classes (all classes and productions) are open to all registered students on campus.

How do I know what level of Dance is right for me?

Contact the instructor and go to the first class to participate. See what fits best for your abilities and academic needs.


Auditions for Fall Mainstage shows begin Aug. 22.

The audition sign-up will be on the Theatre Call Board (outside FA 127) Friday, Aug. 16. Be sure to attend the Theatre Department Meet & Greet on Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m. in Studio B (FA 196) to get your questions answered, meet the Directors, Faculty, Staff and other students!

Who can audition for Theatre Department productions?

Anyone who is currently a registered student taking 4 credits or more may audition for any production, including Mainstage, Studio and Open Season.

Becoming a Theatre Major or Minor

Do I have to audition to become a Theatre Major/Minor?

No, Harpur College is a liberal arts school, and therefore you need only sign up to be a major or minor, not audition. You do have to audition for productions.

How do I become a Major or Minor?

 Meet with the Department Chair and Undergraduate Director, Barbara Wolfe, her office is FA 123. Stop in FA 127 to check in with the office staff to see if she’s available. The department is open 8:30 a.m.—5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can I minor in a specific area of theatrical study such as dance, etc?

The minor is designed to be flexible enough so each person can choose his/her courses to focus on his/her area of interest; however everyone graduates with a General Theater Minor. 

Is there a Major in Musical Theater or Playwriting or Stage Management, etc?

We are working on it! We currently have three emphases in Theatre: Acting/Directing, Design/Tech and Dance. Musical Theater classes are offered in our department as well as many others. We offer classes in Stage Management, Playwriting, Theater History and Musical Theater.

In addition we offer Independent study courses and Practice courses (called Practica) in many areas that don’t currently have official concentrations.

We also have a 5-year combined BA/MPA (Masters of Public Administration) degree for accelerated access to an advanced degree. For more information about your specific interest, contact the Undergraduate Director: Barbara Wolfe