Theatre Honors

Departmental honors are awarded to senior majors who have completed a substantive body of significant work, in one or more areas of specialization, which meets exceptionally high standards. These students must have demonstrated consistently noteworthy motivation and development over a period of at least four semesters of participation in departmental activities.

A logical progression would be to do outstanding work in both semesters of the junior year and first semester of the senior year. During the latter term, the student would be nominated as suggested below, thereby bringing his or her work to the attention of those voting members unaware of his or her accomplishments to date and alerting them to be aware of the student's endeavors during the upcoming term in which the deciding vote will be cast.

Students may be nominated for honors by individual faculty members or professional staff personnel (it is considered appropriate for students to have sought support and sponsorship from a member of the faculty or professional staff who would then nominate them). The final decision regarding the awarding of honors rests with the entire Theatre Department non-student membership.

To receive regular honors, students must have a cumulative GPA in the major of 3.25. High honors requires a cumulative GPA in the major of 3.5. Highest honors will be given only to those with a cumulative GPA in the major of 3.75 or above.