Leadership and Change Management


Discover how to become a more effective leader in this online and self-paced course

  • Instructor: Michael D. Ford
  • Open year round
  • Delivery format: Online and self-paced.
  • Credentials: The students who successfully complete the course by passig the final exam will receive the Leadership Essentials digital badge. A printable Binghamton University certificate will also be available for successful participants. A passing grade of 80 % is required to receive the course completion certificate and the digital badge.
  • Who can take this course: This course is intended for students and all professionals such as senior executives, middle managers, front line supervisors as well as those aspiring to leadership roles.


This course will provide participants with the skills to become more effective leaders in any work environment and also their personal lives. Each lesson will include easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques. The course will include a comprehensive online multiple choice exam to validate learning objectives have been met.


  • Understanding the definition of leadership and management, and how these roles can be integrated
  • Appreciating the concept of long-term strategic planning and exploiting core competencies
  • Valuing change, why it’s necessary, and how to successfully implement change
  • Overcoming the fear and stress associated with change
  • Defining a set of personal and professional ethics, morals, values and beliefs
  • Creating sustainable competitive advantage over the competition


  • Session 1: Leadership vs. Management

Think of all the terms we use to describe people in the organization hierarchy: shift leader, team leader, organizer, supervisor, department manager, VP, President, CEO, owner. Some people can lead, some can manage, and a very, very select few can do both. This session defines each approach, demonstrates how supervisors can learn to improve both skill sets, and describes the scenarios where one is preferred to the other. 

  • Session 2: Managing for 2025 and Beyond - Successfully Navigating the Global Race 

Business professionals are challenged with heightened competition, global trade wars, government regulation, tight labor markets, accelerating rates of change, short product life cycles and rapidly advancing technology. On top of this, we must somehow manage an overloaded email inbox, a backlog of voice and text messages, changing schedules and an array of internal and external customers who all “WANT IT NOW.”


  • Session 3: Becoming a Champion of Change

Common business philosophy has historically treated change as something that we survive: it is necessary to continue our existence. An enlightened perspective is one in which we actively embrace change and welcome the new challenges that each day presents. This is true for both our professional and personal lives. Rather than view our existence as a struggle for survival, we should acknowledge our past accomplishments as a continuous journey forward in pursuit of excellence.

  • Session 4: How to Succeed in the Face of Change

This interactive program provides practical techniques to overcome the stress of change and create a positive situation for operational excellence. It is appropriate for environments that are in the midst of major change or the anticipation of such. A focus on examining change/stress as a process will utilize quality tools such as Root Cause Analysis.


  • Session 5: Personal and Professional Ethics - Defining Your Values

The challenges of increased market competition can often tempt professionals to cut corners or bypass formal policy. Example: ENRON’s board twice voted to “temporarily” set aside their Code of Ethics. The same can be true in our personal lives, as we struggle to balance family needs, work requirements and social commitments while acting within society’s moral code.

  • Session 6: Purpleocity - Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

“No two species can coexist that make their living in the identical way”, an observation by Professor G.F. Gause, and this may be analogy to dinosaurs becoming extinct because they didn’t adapt. We sometimes forget to apply this important concept to our professional and personal lives. This high energy session promises to get your creative juices flowing and send you home with dozens of ideas on how to become PURPLE and stand out from the competition!!!


Michael D. Ford, M.S.I.S.E., CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CQA, CRE, CQE, ACPF, CPSM, CSSGB is a Supply Chain Expert with TQM Works Consulting. He provides innovative solutions, based on 30 years of experience in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and consulting.  His work history includes software implementation, business planning, inventory control, distribution planning, and corporate training.  This includes a broad range of experience from ETO (Engineer to Order) to MTS (Make to Stock), as well as non-profits, service, and Department of Defense.

He has presented at over 350 industry events throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa and Australia, and has provided over 5,000 hours of classroom training, averaging 4.5/5.0 on evaluations.

Ford combines his technical expertise with personal skills, to develop a unique “outside the box” approach to life’s challenges.  He is a charismatic speaker who specializes in delivering training that is “edu-taining.”


  • $95: Binghamton University Students and other SUNY students
  • $105: Non-SUNY Students
  • $150: Binghamton University faculty/staff and Binghamton University alumni
  • $175: SUNY faculty/staff
  • $250: Industry/Standard Rate (Contact wtsnindy@binghamton.edu for group rates)


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If the course is canceled, enrollees will be advised and receive a full refund.