Next Generation Display System Requirements, Metrics, and Measurements

The Annual Flight & Ground Vehicle Simulation 2- day specialized course has been retired

Next Generation Display System Requirements, Metrics and Measurements

This is a specialized 2-day Course to enhance your knowledge and use of Flight and Ground Vehicle Simulation systems

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About the Course

This two-day course focuses on those display system requirements that are the strongest drivers of task performance, training effectiveness, and system cost and complexity, while focusing on improved metrics that are enabled by modern measurement technologies. With the goal of improving requirements and promoting best practices within the industry, ill-defined or unachievable requirements that have tended to disrupt acquisition or certification processes will be addressed.
The course is designed for engineers, technicians, software developers, product managers, and researchers who are involved with display system planning, design, testing, acquisition, or certification. During the course, several specific requirements, metrics, and measurement procedures that are under development for the US Air Force and Navy will be discussed in detail and stakeholders will be encouraged to provide feedback before the new metrics are used for future acquisitions.

Day One Outline

The topics to be discussed during the first day of the course will center on training display system design goals, quantifying visual performance, limitations of the observer, and high level system requirements. Specific topics will include:

  • Display system design goals for simulation training applications
  • Primary design dimensions affecting visual performance, cost, and complexity
  • Contemporary challenges with requirements, metrics, and measurements
  • Quantifying visual performance over the design trade space: Resolution, contrast, luminance, update rate, delay, geometry, stereopsis, collimation, color, etc.
  • Relative importance of display system capabilities and limitations
  • Improved display system requirements

Day Two Outline

During the second day, the focus will shift to traditional and emerging methods for measuring display systems, and more appropriate ways to define metrics that are based on comprehensive measurements of system performance. Specific topics will include:

  • Review of current requirements and measurement procedures
  • New measurement technologies, including automated display calibration systems
  • New metrics under development for US Air Force and Navy
  • Proposed metrics and research agenda for the next three years
  • Stakeholder feedback, and collaboration


Charles LloydCharles Lloyd is an applied vision scientist who addresses research and development challenges relating to training display system design, requirements, metrics, and measurements. He has 28 years of experience in display systems and applied vision research at such organizations as Honeywell's Advanced Displays Group, The Lighting Research Center, BARCO Projection Systems, FlightSafety International, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine. Charles has published more than 75 papers in this arena and is currently president of Visual Performance LLC.

Fees and Registration

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  • INDUSTRY: $695 (early bird by March 15), $745 (regular fees start March 16)

5-day main course plus a 2-day specialized course 

  • UNIVERSITY/GOVERNMENT: $2,170 (early bird by March 15), $2270 (regular fees start March 16)
  • INDUSTRY: $2,270 (early bird by March 15), $2,370 (regular fees start March 16)

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