The group designs and manufactures precision mechanical components of optical devices.


SB Park
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

James Pitarresi
Distinguished Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering


ES 1200


Conductive Force Nanoprobe 

The NanoFactory Instruments System SA2500. NE is an in-situ conductive force nano-probing system with a side entry double tilt TEM-NanoIndenter holder. The force probe sensor is integrated with a patented 3 dimensional approach mechanism providing a wide-range of sample/probe motions with sub-nanometer resolution. TEM imaging accurately positions the probe at the region of interest. The sensor/probe measures force and electric currents at specific locations on the specimen. This feature enables the in-situ studies of the electrical and mechanical properties of nanoscale structures.

Image Correlation System 

The Aramis 3D Digital Image Correlation System enables characterization deformation of objects under extreme hygro-thermo-mechanical loading. This equipment enhances electronics and MEMS packing research especially in validating numerical simulations and understanding material behavior.

Laser Vibrometer 

The Polytec MSA-500 laser vibrometer is an integrated microscope and scanning system for measuring out-of-plane vibrations of microstructures. It is capable of measuring the motion of microstructures that are a mere 1 um across, roughly 1/10 the size of the smallest structures currently measured using our existing PSV-300 laser vibrometer. The MSA-500 is also capable of stroboscopic video measurement of in-plane motion for frequencies up to 1 MHz.

Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition System 

The Shock and Vibration DAQ provides expanded capability to acquire vibration-based signals for shock and vibration experimental research programs. The LDS-830 shaker's power amplifier provides full vibration testing capabilities including a thermal chamber for high and low temp in combination with vibration. Shock pulse is programmable to represent a wide range of realistic mechanical shock conditions.

UHF Vibrometer 

The Polytech ultra-sensitive scanning ultra-high frequency vibrometer provides the unique capability of studying the motion aspects of very small structures, such as nanostructures and carbon nanotubes.

The vibrometer enables the detection of the vibration features and motion of sub‐micro and nanostructures, which typically have very high frequencies. These include carbon nano tubes and graphene sheets.

UV/Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer 

The Perkin Elmer Lamda 950 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer provides high absorbance scanning for the samples such as lenses, optical filters, polarization materials, organic materials, and inorganic materials.

These samples often need to be measured across the whole ultraviolet (UV), visible light (Vis), and near infrared (NIR) ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum (from 175-3300nm).

This equipment is also be used in the quantitative determination of solutions of metal ions and organic compounds. This system is useful for characterization of materials including thin film, sensor, and device fabrication that are important in electronic packaging, flexible electronics, MEMS, and photovoltaics.

This system has a 150-mm integrating sphere. In particular, it will provide a nice complementary characterization tool, along with our existing fourier transform infrared spectrometer.