President's Report Masthead
June 30, 2012

Creative Services initiatives

With 1.7 million unique visitors who viewed 12.4 million pages on the Binghamton University website in the first six months of 2012, the Web Team in Creative Services creates and maintains a vital communications vehicle for the campus.

One-third of those visitors are new to Binghamton’s website and 9 percent of all visitors used a mobile device such as an iPhone to access the site. This underscores our efforts to create more Web content, services and transactions that are mobile friendly.

The Web Team has also supported all aspects of the University online — from e-mail campaigns, research websites and even a kiosk, to social networking and the over 40 pages created for the president’s Road Map site — comprising over 190 separate projects. While the diversity of online communications and marketing has been great, we are especially proud of the new This View of Life online magazine created for Distinguished Professor David Sloan Wilson and Robert Kadar in support of their EvoS-related activities.