Chancellor's Awards

Nature of the Program

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities supports the pursuits foundational to sustaining the intellectual growth of SUNY institutions by recognizing consistently outstanding scholarly and creative productivity, conducted in addition to teaching, by SUNY's instructional faculty.

For complete details about the Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities and SUNY’s Policies and Procedures on this award, download the award policies and procedures.

Criteria for Selection

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities recognizes consistent superior evidence of sound scholarship and creative productivity conducted by SUNY faculty in addition to teaching. To that end, candidates must demonstrate a reasonable combination of activities including, but not restricted to, the following:

For Scholarship (research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities) – An excellent, sustained record of research publications in peer-reviewed journals, and/or research monographs, and/or research-oriented texts; or a record of presenting at national and/or international conferences, presentation of papers published in conference proceedings and/or digests, patents awarded, grants secured, and citation of work by individuals or groups other than the nominee's collaborators.

For Creative Productivity (generally the fine or performing arts or those fields where creative productivity constitutes scholarship e.g., culinary arts, etc.) – A record of excellence in creative activity appropriate for the specific field or discipline, such as exhibitions, shows, performances, productions, and stage work; or a record demonstrating evidence of critical reviews, grants, inclusion of works in permanent collections, retrospectives, and other forms of external recognition and acclaim


Please see the information from the State of New York on the Chancellor's Awards for Excellence (link below) for general information on eligibility for any Chancellor's Award.

Academic Background

Academic Background – Candidates must be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty for the academic year in which the award is to be given. They must regularly carry a full-time teaching load as defined by the campus.  Visit the SUNY award webpage to see the complete details about candidate eligibility in the SUNY 2023-2024 Policies and Procedures for the Chancellor's Awards for Excellence.

Academic Rank –  Candidates may hold any full-time academic rank as defined in the SUNY Board of Trustees policies: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, assistant instructor, clinical professor, and full-time non-tenure track faculty including the title Lecturer are eligible for nomination. Note the State University of New York Policies of the Board of Trustees – January 2022 – Article II – §1 (Terms).

Note that the definition of a full teaching load varies from campus to campus and each campus should be satisfied that there can be no question that its nominee meets this criterion. For further clarification on this matter, please see full discussion under the “Academic Background” section, which can be found on the SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence website.

Length of Service

Nominees must have completed three academic years of full-time appointment
(years do not need to be consecutive) at the nominating campus prior to the year of nomination.

  • Individuals holding the title "Distinguished Professor" are ineligible for the award
  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be nominated for another Excellence Award within a five-year interval
  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be re-nominated for an award in the same category
  • Nominees must have completed three academic years of full-time appointment out of the five years just prior to the year of nomination
  • Individuals who are on sabbatical or going on sabbatical during the academic year in which the award is being given are ineligible
  • Individuals holding the title of Lecturer or titles of qualified academic rank (preceded by the designation "visiting" or other similar designations) may not be nominated; and
  • Posthumous nominations are ineligible

Under no circumstance may individuals apply, or self-nominate, for this award. This award requires campuses to impanel a specifically-constituted committee to elicit nominations, evaluate candidates, and recommend to the campus president the candidates to forward to SUNY. 

Nomination Process

Use the checklist of required documents to compile the nomination packet. 

Completed nomination dossiers should be submitted electronically to William Kuhnel ( in the Division of Research no later than Monday, Nov. 20, 2023. After all submissions have been received, nominations will be reviewed by the University’s local selection committee, who will make a recommendation to the President. Up to four nominees for the Excellence Award in Scholarship and Creative Activities may be selected: when possible, at least one will be drawn from the Division of Science and Mathematics in Harpur College or Watson College and one from the other areas of scholarship at Binghamton. Nominations endorsed by the president shall be forwarded to SUNY.

Contact Michael Jacobson at or at 607-777-3745 with any questions.

State of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence Guidelines

Be aware that the Policies and Procedures on the State of New York Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities must be adhered to. Visit the SUNY website for more in-depth information about the award.