Electron Microscopy

The electron microscopy suite contains highly advanced secondary electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and dual beam focused ion beam (FIB/SEM) system to enable ultra-high resolution micro- and nano- structural characterization, compositional and chemical analysis and crystallographic information. Tooling also offers the ability to investigate non-conducting specimens without intrusive preparation and the possibility to introduce water vapor at sufficient pressures to avoid dehydration damage. The toolset is equipped with Energy Dispersive (EDS) and high resolution, highly sensitive Wavelength Dispersive (WDS), Electron Energy Loss (EELS) Spectroscopy for elemental analysis and mapping. One of the SEMs and FIB are equipped with Electron Back Scattered Diffraction (EBSD) systems for crystal orientation measurement and mapping. Two units in this suite are equipped with STEM detector. This suite is supported by extensive tool set for easy, fast and high-quality electron microscopy sample preparation.