Participant Information

Participant Information Guide

What is the Outdoor Pursuits Challenge Program?

The Challenge Program is designed for groups to come together in a positive yet challenging environment for personal and group growth. Your program will be designed based on the pre-program assessment turned in by your group organizer and may include but not limited to: ground initiatives, games, low challenge course elements, and high challenge course elements.

What is expected of me as a participant?

As a participant, you will be asked to come prepared to play an active role in your group's experience. Playing an active role means:

  1. Commit to being fully involved in the learning experience. The Full Value Contract asks for the following commitments and presumes specific expectations for all group members and facilitators.
    • Working together to achieve individual and group goals.
    • Challenge by Choice — adhering to certain physical and emotional safety guidelines.
    • Sharing honest feedback. Listening with an open mind to others.
    • Increasing awareness of any devaluing or discounting of oneself or others. Making a direct, conscious effort to confront and work toward changing this behavior.
  2. To have FUN! You will be amazed at what laughing can accomplish.
  3. To stretch yourself beyond your perceived limits.
  4. To develop your team and leadership skills.

What is the role of the Challenge Program facilitator?

After most activities, your facilitators will spend a little time having the group consider the team dynamics required to complete the specific challenges. Time for reflection offers participants the opportunity to examine their role in the learning process.

What do I do before my program?

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast or lunch before the arriving at your program. You will need all the energy you can get!
  2. If you are attending a full day course, please bring lunch or make sure there will be food provided for you by your group as we do not provide food. 
  3. Check the weather on the day of your course, and prepare accordingly. We will spend all of our time outside and much of it in the woods, which can be cooler. Being comfortable outside will enable you to have fun and learn more! Yes, you could even get dirty.

What should I bring and wear?

Necessary Items:

  • Appropriate attire for physical activity and freedom of movement
  • Dress for the weather
  • Close-toed athletic shoes
  • Inhaler/EPI Pen (if necessary)

Please bring with you:

  • Water bottle
  • Bug repellant/sunscreen
  • Hat/sunglasses

Optional Items:

  • Camera
  • Snacks
  • Rain jacket (check weather)

What should I NOT bring or wear?

Unacceptable Items:

  • Low cut tops, no tops or tops with offensive messages
  • Short shorts – these are not comfortable while wearing a harness!
  • Open toed shoes, flip-flops, five-toed shoes, crocs, flats or heels greater than 1 inch are not allowed on the course
  • Dangling jewelry
  • Gum, lolly-pops
  • Tobacco and alcohol products

Not Necessary Items: (leave these at home, in your room, or in the car if you can)

  • Electronic devices, e.g. Airpods, iPad, etc.
  • Valuables

Securing Your Belongings

Necessary items can be packed in a book bag, tote or small backpack. You will have to turn off all cell phones during the program. Cell phone use will only be permitted for photographs. There is secure storage provided for bags, purses and wallets.

Where do I go?

Programs are scheduled to meet at the Outdoor Pursuits Challenge Course. See the map for clarification. You can access the challenge course via Lot E. Your group leader will confirm the location of your program meeting place.

The course is located on campus in the wooded areas on either side of the Dickinson path that heads down the hill from the brain to the Recreation Center, East Gym.