Challenge Program Options

Program options

Jump starter

Get to know new members of your group or get re-energized with a twist on your meeting routine. You'll take part in a mix of exercises and problem-solving tasks that include our portable low rope elements. This program can also be scheduled at your location.

Minimum: 9 Maximum: 36

The team builder

3-4 hours (half day), low and/or high elements

Get your group up and working! You'll start on the ground with mental and physical challenges that introduce the foundations of team building. Then move on to low elements not more than 18-inches above the ground.

Minimum: 9 Maximum: 36

High definition challenge

4-5 hours, low and high elements

Take your team to new levels with all the elements of the team builder plus the addition of high elements. Explore personal limits, group cohesion, trust building, leadership and group support networks. This is a chance for self-assessment, reflection and to look at the roadblocks that impede our work and learning communities.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and weigh less than 250 pounds.

Minimum: 12 Maximum: 24

Total challenge

6 hours (full day), low and high elements

Peak event add-on

2 hours, prices vary

The zip line or vertical playpen can be added to the jump starter or team builder programs for an additional fee.

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Low elements

Amazon River Platform

Walking along platform

Commitment bridge

Two people holding hands on a bridge

Team tension traverse

People holding hands on rope

Team nitro

Person swinging on rope

Tire traverse

Person swinging on tire swing

Whale watch

People on an uneven platform

 High elements

Vertical playpen

Person climbing

Cargo net

Person climbing on net

Swinging platforms

Person walking on steps in air


Person walking across cables

Zip line with launch platform

Person zipping on a zip line