What is a consultation?

Consultation provides an opportunity for concerned parents, guardians, friends and faculty to speak with a University Counseling Center staff member to receive professional guidance and information on issues of concern. Most commonly, consultation serves as guidance to develop strategies on how best to help or guide Binghamton University students who may be experiencing distress or mental health challenges. When appropriate, consultations can include recommendations for handling the situation, which may include referrals to on-campus and/or off-campus resources.

Common topics include resolving conflicts with roommates, classmates, coworkers and supervisors; managing crisis situations in the classroom or residence hall; and coping with emotionally distraught students, friends or family.

If you're facing these issues mentioned above and would like to speak with a counselor, contact our office at 607-777-2772. A counselor will respond in the near future, typically the same day.

Be aware that all counseling sessions at the University Counseling Center are completely confidential. We understand that you are concerned or worried, but we are unable to release or acknowledge any information about a student including whether or not they are being seen. Student information is private and privileged, meaning that it is mandated by law that only the individual can authorize by written signature a release of their personal information.