Treatment coordination

Navigation of treatment and referrals

  • Provide comprehensive support for students referred to treatment off campus.
  • Advocate for, empower and coach students in accessing mental health services.
  • Coordinate mental health services for students evaluated and/or admitted to psychiatric hospital or emergency facilities.
  • Maintain detailed knowledge of on-campus and off-campus resources including mental health resources and insurance benefits.

Liaison, support and consultation

  • Support and consult with friends, parents, faculty and family with students in need — particularly with support in accessing care at the UCC or in the community.
  • Follow up with or reach out to students who may need access to mental health care.
  • Liaison between the UCC and on-campus departments, community providers and agencies for the purpose of enhancing treatment resources and networks.


  • Provide assessment, urgent counseling, triage and some brief therapy services.
  • Provide consultation to students, family, faculty, staff and other students who may be worried about a Binghamton student.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a treatment coordination consultation, contact the UCC front desk at 607-777-2772 and specify it is regarding "treatment coordination."