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At some point during their college experience, students may encounter personal, social, career or academic issues that call for assistance beyond the advice provided by friends and family. That’s where the University Counseling Center can help.

The University Counseling Center provides a variety of free and confidential counseling and referral services delivered by professional counselors. All currently enrolled Binghamton University undergraduate students, graduate students and affiliated entities are eligible to receive these services free of charge; all information is confidential.

Services and programs available through the center include:

Scope of Service

The UCC Scope of Services & Brief Therapy Statement describes the UCC's range of counseling services, initial assessment process and brief therapy treatment approach.  The statement outlines concerns commonly addressed in brief therapy, as well as concerns often addressed in terms of the process of referral to services outside of the UCC.

Additional Services


University Counseling Center staff members are available to consult with students, faculty and staff on a broad range of issues. Common topics include resolving conflicts with roommates, classmates, coworkers and supervisors; managing crisis situations in the classroom or residence hall; and coping with emotionally distraught students, friends or family. If you’re facing these issues and would like to speak with a counselor, please contact our office at 777-2772.

Outreach Services

The University Counseling Center provides outreach services to the campus community. These programs are specifically designed to address unique or other salient campus situations or concerns, such as eating disorders, study problems, stress relief, grieving and more, through workshops, training, flyers, and programming. These services are preventative and seek to teach the campus community coping skills, recognition of warning signs, communication skills, and more to help promote healthy mental and emotional well-being.

Center Events

Counseling Center team members also coordinate or participate in a number of campus events throughout the year. Learn more about Counseling Center events.

Skyping with Home Providers

In an attempt to provide additional options for student support, Binghamton University is offering students a way to maintain progress in psychotherapy or other provider services while away from home. Student living situations seldom provide a calm and private environment needed to communicate with providers from a distance. The Decker Student Health Services Center (DSHSC) at Binghamton University is pleased to offer students a quiet and confidential place to participate in Skype sessions with their home provider via a large screen television (TV).

In order to get on the schedule to use this service, please follow these steps:

  1. Please make sure that your home therapist/provider is willing to schedule Skype sessions with you. Participation is voluntary on the provider’s part. Any financial cost incurred is the responsibility of the student.
  2. If your therapist/provider is willing to see you via Skype, you are responsible for adding them as a contact to your personal Skype account. The Health Service does not maintain a general account for student use. This step should be done well in advance of your appointment to ensure that your session goes smoothly.
  3. Next, call the DSHSC at 607-777-2221 to make an appointment for your Skype session. If your appointment is one that occurs regularly (every other Monday at 3:00, for example), please let the staff know that so that the days and times that you need can be reserved.
  4. Arrive at the DSHSC 15 minutes prior to your appointment and sign in on one of the computers in the reception area. Once you are signed in for your appointment, take the elevator to the lower level and be seated in the waiting area to the right of the elevator. A staff person will escort you back to the Skype room for your session.
  5. The staff person will turn on the equipment and begin the Skype application. You will be responsible for signing into your account and calling your provider. If you need assistance, please make aware. There are also detailed instructions attached to the TV stand.
  6. When done, please turn off the TV with the provided remote. After exiting the room, please alert staff that your session has concluded.
  7. Should your session be canceled or you need to cancel your session, please notify the DSHSC as soon as possible. This will allow other students the opportunity to reserve the space and equipment.
  8. Students who “no-show” for the reserved time will be contacted by DSHSC staff.

Binghamton University is not responsible for nor insuring of the quality of the therapy received, purely providing a confidential space for the interaction to occur. Should the arrangement not benefit the student as hoped, students are reminded of campus resources through the DSHSC and the University Counseling Center. Community referrals are also available. Please contact the staff for further information.

Last Updated: 2/8/18