Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Students

You're considered a non-degree (also called non-matriculated or continuing education) student if you are approved to take credit courses but are not formally accepted into a degree-granting program at Binghamton. The Binghamton courses appear on a Binghamton transcript. Submit your non-degree application online by selecting "All admissions applicants" then "First-time user account creation."

Information for Accepted Non-Matriculated Students:

As most BU academic programs limit non-matriculated students to a maximum of 24 credits, it is recommended that non-matriculated students take no more than 12 credits per semester. Non-matriculated students who wish to take more than 24 credits must formally apply to Binghamton University.

Certain courses may require prerequisite coursework. If you have taken previous coursework, please be sure to submit official transcripts to the Admissions Office.

We understand that taking courses as a non-matriculated student may require financial planning. For information on tuition rates, please consult the Tuition and Fees by Semester website. For further information, please contact Student Accounts.

There are several required steps and actions to complete prior to the first day of classes at Binghamton University. Please review and complete the requirements below as soon as possible

1. Provide Documentation & Complete Actions Before Registration


ALL BU STUDENTS must meet health requirements. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), and meningitis information is due before registration, or you will be blocked from registration. If you are registering for 12 or more credits, you will need to submit your tuberculosis information by the fifth Friday after classes begin. Go to this page for details regarding tuberculin testing and physical examination documentation.


All issues regarding residency must be resolved by the first day of classes. Non-matriculated students admitted two weeks before the first day of classes have until the Drop/Add deadline to comply. There are no refunds. For information on residency information, go here. The Application for NYS Residency Tuition can be found here. Please note there are additional documents that must accompany the form.


Follow these instructions for activating your Binghamton University computer account and BMail.

2. Access BU BRAIN: Complete Online Requirements and Register for Courses


It is important for you to visit BU BRAIN well ahead of registration and login using your pods number, user ID and password. If you have any problems logging in, please report them to the Help Desk by phone (777-6420) or email.


The BU BRAIN Registration channel helps determine if you are eligible to register, and when. During Fall and Spring semesters, non-matriculated students register the Friday before classes start; click here to view the academic calendar. Check BU BRAIN to see if you have anything preventing your registration by clicking the Student tab, Registration, and My Registration Status.

Before you register be sure to verify the following:

(1) Time Ticket: Your initial window for registration is the best opportunity to register for courses you are interested in. If you are WITHIN your time ticket, you'll automatically be taken to the Add/Drop Classes area.

(2) Hold Status: If you have any holds (financial, judicial health, parking etc) they must be cleared at least one day BEFORE your registration window begins. Holds are not released instantly, and can take 24 hours. Failure to clear a hold could result in a registration delay.

III. Advising Information:

For advising related to taking classes at Binghamton University as a non-matriculated student, please contact the non-matriculated student advisor: