College Link

As a College Link student, you will receive academic advising assistance from Harpur Academic Advising and registration assistance from the Harpur Dean's Office.  If you have not already applied, College Link application information can be found on the Admissions website. 

This welcome letter details the required steps and actions to be completed in order to be ready for the first day of classes at Binghamton University. Please carefully read the four sections below and complete the following as soon as possible

1. Before Registration

*The following refers to restrictions that will slow down or prevent your registration process. Taking care of these ahead of time will speed the process.

I. Code of Conduct 

Binghamton University has a set of “University Expectations” and “Rules of Student Conduct.” You must acknowledge the Code of Conduct before you register for the first time, or you will be restricted from registration. Click here to view the student Code of Conduct. This should be done well before registration. 

II. Health Requirements 

Registration can begin after the university has received documentation of your health requirements. Information for new students can be found here. Most of the time, students ask their health provider to fax the paperwork to our health office at 777-2881. There is one part you need to sign, and that is the meningitis acknowledgment. Fax that separately to the health office. 

All students must meet the health requirements or registration is blocked.  There are two forms to complete, and both are due before registration. The shorter form, Part A, is the “Meningitis Information Acknowledgement.” The other form, Part B, is the “Report of Medical History/MMR” which includes documentation for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). College Link students take less than 12 credits, and do not need tuberculosis information. Click here for details regarding tuberculin testing and physical examination documentation. Send or fax the forms to Decker Student Health Services Center. Note the form for emergency medical treatment for students under age 18.

Once you have submitted all required health forms and have been cleared for registration, I recommend that I register you, otherwise you must wait to register with other non-matriculated students, which will be the Friday before classes start for the term.

IV. Dropping or Withdrawing From a Course

Dropping and withdrawing impacts your transcript and refunds.

Know the deadlines for the process and the impact on tuition refunds. In order to obtain a refund, a student must officially withdraw/drop the course(s) from their record (see the Student Records Office for details) and specifically request a refund after courses are removed. NOTE: The academic drop deadline is not related to the deadlines for determining tuition liability.

Most College Link students take one course a term. Dropping that course means you are withdrawing because you won’t have any classes. 

If College Link students want to drop a course before the drop deadline or withdraw after the deadline, they must first contact the College Link Advisors at Binghamton University.

v. Residency 

Please visit the Student Accounts page for more information about residency.

2. Registration Details

Registration details 

  1. College Link students are registered through the Harpur Dean's office after we receive the signed College Link Registration forms. This avoids issues with access code numbers, timing and unfamiliarly with course restrictions.  
    College Link students must confirm their enrollment after they are registered. Confirm enrollment here. You first need your B# and password.
    *You must confirm your enrollment online at BU Brain to avoid course cancellation, even if you have paid.

If we know what course(s) you want, the University will register you for courses, but only students can confirm enrollment. This confirmation must take place or students will risk course cancellation.

Summer term students can confirm soon after registration. Fall and winter term students must wait approximately 2-3 weeks before the term starts.  

What courses can you take?

  1. If you want to matriculate at BU, consider General Education courses, which are areas of knowledge BU and New York State feel are essential for every undergraduate student. Click here to view the General Education Planning Sheet for Freshmen and Transfer students. There is no guarantee BU’s Gen Ed courses will meet another university’s Gen Ed requirements. Most SUNY Colleges and Universities have sites showing what Gen Eds are transferable.
  2. If you have Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course credit, look at information provided on this page. You may be able to take different courses depending on the AP or IB credit.
  3. Schedule of available courses can be found here. Click “View Schedule,” select the appropriate term of enrollment, and search by the areas you need. Note that some courses are lectures that require concurrent discussion or labs for full credit, and you must sign up for one of each.
  4. If you are restricted from registering for a course:
    1. If instructor’s approval is needed, contact Harpur Academic Advising.
    2. College Link students are mostly limited to 100 or 200 level courses, and some of these have prerequisites. Be prepared to inform us why the class is suitable for you. If your selected course requires documentation of prerequisites, then we need that documentation before registration. In some cases you will have to contact that department yourself.
    3. You may be restricted because College Link students are non-matriculated students and only matriculated students are allowed to take a particular course. We can try to address this by showing the department you meet the requirements.

3. Billing & Payment

After registration, you can pay online here (note the authorized payer section and the tuition and fee rates on the payment and billing procedures page. Note that BU considers the student, including those under age 18, to be responsible for any outstanding obligations.

I. Billing: 

If you are taking a summer course, payment is due at the time of registration. For fall and spring terms, you may receive a bill for full time tuition and fees even if you are not full time. 

II. E-Bill Notification:

Student Accounts sends semester E-Bill notifications via email to the STUDENT’S BU email address. The E-bill notification includes the balance due, the due date, and a link to access the E-bill statement on-line via QuikPAY.
*If the student would like the billing notification sent to their parents, guardian or another person, they MUST add that person as an Authorized Payer on his/her QuikPAY account. This is the only way anyone other than the student can receive electronic E-bill notification. This is also the only way to gain access to view, print and pay your student's bill.

III. Billing Cycle:

Binghamton University will generate monthly E-bill statements starting in August for the fall term and in January for the spring term. Students will receive a monthly E-bill statement via email (issued around the 1st of the month) with a balance due and a due date if a balance remains from a prior month or if there is new activity on the account. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to review your QuikPAY account regularly. Check your BU Email even after you drop a course or withdraw to make sure billing is accurate.

IV. Due Dates & Fees:

If payment is not made in full by the due date on the E-bill statement, the account is subject to a $30 late fee.

4. General Information

I. Parking:

Go to the Couper Administration Building (AD), Room G8, for permits. Call 607-777-2279 or check their website here.

II. E-Mail Accounts:

You will automatically receive a university email address upon registration. The University strongly recommends using the BU email address because important communications will automatically be sent to that address. E-mail forwarding is available, but not recommended. To check your email, you first need to have a student ID. 


Visit the Registrar's office at the Admissions Center. It can take 24 hours for your ID to become valid. Hours vary during the summer and at the beginning of each term; check the times on their website here.

IV. Meals:

Click here to view the Campus Dining Services page, or call 607-777-6000 or 1-888-858-9167.

v. Textbooks:

After you have your schedule, you can purchase textbooks at the University Bookstore in the New Union or order them online here. Please do not purchase anything until your schedule is permanent.

VI. MyCourses

BU’s Course Management System, used by BU instructors to generate information, communicate with students, record grades and provide additional course materials, activities, quizzes, etc. Log in using your PODS at the Binghamton University Portal to view MyCourses.

VII. Campus Map

The Campus Map can be found here.

If you plan to come to campus before classes start, make good use of your time to apply for an ID, purchase parking permits, and buy books.