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We know that the future of our graduating students is bright. We also know that current events have created both new obstacles and opportunities. Continuing your career path armed with a graduate degree is a particularly effective tool for accelerating the next step in your life’s journey in light of current challenges. 

A number of our highly-rated graduate programs are still accepting applications for fall 2020:

  •  Anthropology, MA

    Anthropology, MA

    Anthropologists study human communities in cultural, linguistic, biological and archaeological ways. Training in anthropology can provide important skills for jobs in business, organizations, education, and further academic pursuits.

    Graduate director: 
    Kathleen Sterling:

  • Biomedical Anthropology, MS

    Biomedical Anthropology, MS

    Biomedical Anthropology graduate degree holders are well-positioned to go on to careers in health and forensic-related professions or further study in anthropology, forensic science, medicine, public health and research. 

    Graduate director:
    Gary D. James:

  • Public Archaeology, MA

    Public Archaeology, MA

    A master’s degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Public Archaeology provides professional training in the  management, protection, study and conservation of cultural heritage and the archaeological record. Graduates of the program go on to jobs in businesses, museums as well as local, state and federal agencies.

    Graduate directort:
    Randall McGuire:

  • Biology, MA/MS 

    Biology, MA/MS

    The Master of Science (MS) and non-thesis Master of Arts (MA) in Biological Sciences provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue successful careers in the life sciences.

    Graduate director:
    Weixing Zhu:

  • Economics, MA

    Economics, MA

    The Masters of Arts in Economics focuses on empirical work that prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the academic, governmental and private sectors both here in the U.S. and abroad.

    Graduate director:
    Andreas Pape:

  • Geography, MA

    Geography, MA

    Graduates of the Masters of Arts in Geography program are well-prepared for careers in regional or urban planning with government agencies or private industries. 

    Graduate director:
    Chengbin Deng:

  • Geology, MS

    Geology, MS

    The Masters of Science program in Geological Sciences provides students a marketable skillset that allows them to move directly into careers in industry after graduation.

    Graduate director:
    David M. Jenkins:

  • Mathematics, MA

    Mathematics, MA

    The Masters of Arts in Mathematical Sciences provides students training in the areas of algebra, number theory, analysis, combinatorics, dynamical systems, geometry/topology, graph theory, probability and statistics.

    Graduate director:
    Qiqing Yu:

  • Political Science, MA

    Political Science, MA

    The Masters of Arts degree in Political Science provides graduates with advanced training suitable for policy analysis, journalism or other professional careers. 

    Graduate director:
    Seden Akcinaroglu:

  • Sustainable Communities, MA/MS

    Sustainable Communities, MA/MS

    Through the Sustainable Communities masters program, graduates receive theoretical and practical training focused on improving quality of life by integrating economic, social, and ecological issues and strategies.

    Graduate director:
    George Homsy:

  • Statistics, MA

    Statistics, MA

    The Masters of Arts degree in Statistics focuses on training that is applicable in the real world, and the program aims to prepare skillful statisticians and data scientists for professional careers in industry.

    Graduate director:
    Qiqing Yu:

In order to help our students in these challenging times, we are offering our current graduating Binghamton students assistance in charting a path to a graduate degree:

  • No GRE required

    For the above listed programs there is no GRE required

  • Application fee waivers

    A limited number of application fee waivers for qualified applicants who apply by June 1, 2020, after pre-screening by the program’s graduate director. Please email the graduate director for your program of interest with your B# so they may review your undergraduate coursework and determine if you qualify for a fee waiver.
  • Application deadline

    All applications submitted by June 1, 2020 will receive an expedited review with decisions being released no later than June 15.

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