Information Technology Services Organization: Enterprise and System Applications


Enterprise Systems and Enterprise Applications Services is responsible for developing, integrating, and supporting the administrative information systems used by the various departments at Binghamton University. We look to provide top quality application, technology, and database related services, while being a trusted and reliable partner to the University community. We strive to build innovative and cost effective technology-based solutions to meet the University's current academic and mission objectives, while building the foundation to meet tomorrow's evolving operational environment.

Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise Systems team is responsible for supporting several critical operating environments used on campus.

Database Services - The University uses several types of database platforms to support day to day campus student and business needs. The Systems team is responsible for the operation of the campus Oracle, MS-Sql, MySql, and other database platforms.

Virtual Computing Environments - Information Technology Services utilizes the VMWare ESX suite of products to support virtual infrastructure needs across the campus. The Systems team supports over 300 active virtual servers and nearly 1 Petabyte of active storage across multiple physical computing clusters. These systems support the learning, business, and research components of the University.

Enterprise Backup - Information Technology Services uses Commvault as its enterprise backup solution. The Systems group supports this suite of tools to ensure that critical University data is protected.

Operating Platforms - Systems maintains the vast array of operating environments that are used to support the academic, business, and research efforts of the University community. This includes the maintenance, upgrade, and patching of the various operating systems that support these platform.

Google Applications - Binghamton University uses Google applications for a variety of work including email, shared documents, and shared storage. The Systems team supports over a dozen Google applications and their features for the campus community.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications team assists with the development, integration, upgrade, and maintenance of over 200 systems that make up the computing environment at Binghamton University. This talented team programs across a multitude of languages and development environments to accommodate a very diverse product base. They are responsible for the seamless integration and automation of various vendor based systems into the core student and business systems used across campus.


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