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Did YOU know over 10% of the world’s population, including North America, is responsible for over half the world’s paper consumption? That includes us here at Binghamton University. We, along with millions of other people, are consuming six times more paper than the world average. While our printing management system is an obvious paper-saving tool, here are some other eco-friendly tips to help reduce our impact on the environment and save paper:

  1. THINK before you print. Should you really print that? Only print what’s absolutely necessary. For example, if you only need to print pages 5-15 in a pdf, only print those pages, and print them on both sides. 2 ways of saving paper by thinking BEFORE you print.

  2. Print double-sided and/or duplex. Not only save paper, but also take longer to reach your print quota! HELPFUL LINK

  1. Use PDF and go digital. Send business documents by e-mail in PDF format rather than printing and faxing/mailing them. Use electronic signatures and e-mail signed documents, too. Also, you can print/save to PDF and store in your Google drive or copy/paste what you need into a Google doc. HELPFUL LINK

  1. Skip the straw. If you have to use a straw, use metal or paper (paper straws are now available in ALL the dining halls). Better yet, skip it entirely like the MarketPlace is doing!

  2. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Think before you trash and save money on garbage bags by adding more to your recycle bin! The more you recycle, the fewer trash bags you have to buy. Help save your wallet AND your environment. HELPFUL LINK

  3. Use a whiteboard. Forget sticky notes. Use a whiteboard to record what feels like an endless list of to-dos.

  1. Proofread your work on the screen. Instead of printing out and marking up paper, use track changes on Microsoft Word and edit online.

We can ALL do our part to save the environment. For more handy tips and helpful information, visit: