PI Dashboard

The EHS Lab Dashboard

Over the past year, EHS has been working with ITS to create a single, integrated platform where PI's can upload relevant safety documentation to share with EHS. This is valuable for you because it helps you comply with federal and local laws. This webpage will explain the EHS Lab Dashboard and its importance.

Navigating to the Dashboard

From the MyBinghamton homepage, navigate to the "other" tab on the top navigation pane and select "EHS Lab Dashboard"

Navigating to the EHS Lab Dashboard

The Home Page

From the homepage, select the labs that belong to you and edit your contact info. EHS Staff have already connected PI's to their associated labs, so if information is missing or incorrect, please contact us at ehs@binghamton.edu.

EHS Lab Dashboard Homepage

Managing your Lab Spaces

Each lab has 4 tabs as described below:

  • Lab Members: The Grad, Undergrad, Faculty, or Post-docs that work in that lab
  • Lab Inventories: This function is not currently in use
  • Safety Equipment Logs: The Eyewash/Safety Shower weekly log will show up here
  • Emergency Info Sheet: The contact sheet that will be hung inside and outside your lab.


Lab Members/ Students

Once you tie your students to the appropriate room, EHS will have an accurate roster of the students that we may encounter in that lab. The database is pulled from BU's central database, so all Faculty, Staff, Graduates, and Undergraduates can be added. The only people who cannot be added are Visiting Professors that do not have a BU account.

Instructions for adding lab members can be seen below:

PI Portal Member Add

Thank you for your time and attention to this valuable resource. If you have any questions please contact us at ehs@binghamton.edu or if you would like to send us feedback please fill out this form.