Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to use a chosen name?
No. Use of a chosen name is optional.

Where will my chosen name appear?

  • University ID card
  • Degree Works
  • Starfish
  • MyBinghamton
  • MyCourses
  • Banner class roster
  • STARREZ (Residence Life database)
  • New Student Orientation databases
  • Binghamton University public directory, unless a FERPA information block has been requested
  • Email display name
  • Meal plan, library and Health Services display name (Health Services may be delayed)
  • Human Resources self-service and online time and attendance (for employees)

Where will my legal name be used?

Your legal name will be used in business and other processes that require use of a legal name, including:

  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) documentation
  • Student Accounts documentation
  • Financial aid documentation
  • Federal requests for information
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Transcripts
  • Athletics rosters where necessary for NCAA compliance
  • University Police Department
  • Health Services records, health insurance
  • Human Resources employment records, employee reports and payroll

Are there any chosen name restrictions?

Chosen names may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. The University reserves the right to remove a chosen name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language. Students and employees found to be misusing this policy will incur the full charge for replacing University ID cards. 

Will my chosen name appear in the online Binghamton University directory?

Yes. Your chosen name will appear in the University Directory unless you request a directory exclusion.

Does a chosen first name affect my legal name?

No. An approved chosen name does not change your legal name in University systems.

How do I request a chosen name?

Students: Log into the myBinghamton portal and click on the User Profile link in the left side menu. 

Employees: Visit Human Resources (AD-244) to request the Chosen Name Change Form.

Note: Chosen names may be changed once per semester.

How do I delete my chosen name?

Students: Log into the MyBinghamton portal and select the "User Profile" link on the left-hand side.  Follow the instructions to add a chosen name but instead remove the name and click the update button. 

Employees: Contact Human Resources. Student employees will need to contact Human Resources and follow the process for students.

Deleting a name will remove it from University information systems; however, there will still be a history of past chosen names used.

Who has access to my legal name?

University administrators, the University Police Department and your supervisor (if you are employed in a campus job) will have access to your legal and chosen names.

If I used a chosen name in my application for admission to Binghamton, do I need to request a chosen name? 

Yes. Once you’ve paid your enrollment deposit, log into BU BRAIN and click on My Info. Use the “chosen name” link.

Do I have to get a new University ID card if I choose to have a chosen name?

No. Use of your chosen name on your Binghamton University ID card is not a requirement.

How do I get my chosen name on my Binghamton ID card?

You may request a new ID card through the MyBinghamton ID Replacement Request link. If your request for a replacement card is due to gender privacy, your card will be issued at no cost. All other replacements are charged the regular $20 replacement fee.  

Is the Binghamton ID card accepted off campus?

It’s advisable to carry a government-issued form of identification with you (driver’s license or passport) when you are not on the Binghamton campus.

I need to change my legal name. Will this affect my chosen name? 

Submitting a request for a legal name change will not affect your chosen name. If you no longer have a need for a chosen name after your legal name is changed, go to BU BRAIN, click “My Info” and select the “delete Chosen Name” button. Allow three to four days for the name to be deleted in all University information systems. 

Still have questions?

Students: Contact Student Records

Employees: Contact Human Resources