A transcript is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned by a student throughout a course of study.

The Student Records office (through our vendor, Parchment) provides official transcripts that are requested by the student. An account will be created with Parchment on the initial visit to the website.  After an account is created, students will be directed to complete the transcript request. 

Current students can review their unofficial transcripts on BU Brain, on the Your Records tab and click Online Academic Transcript. To print an unofficial transcript, save as a PDF and print as usual.

Students have login access to BU Brain for six months after graduation or for three major semesters with no course registration.

Phone requests will not be honored. 

The name on your official student record (including diplomas and transcripts) cannot be changed after your degree has been conferred.

Once a student opens the envelope that their official paper transcript comes in through the US Mail or when they open their official electronic transcript (PDF) with the password provided by Parchment, the transcript becomes an unofficial document. The student will not be able to use this transcript as an official document once it is opened.