For fall and spring semesters, grades are generally posted by faculty five (5) business days after the last class or final (whichever is later) but they may not appear on the student's record until the week after finals.  For summer and winter sessions, grades are generally posted by faculty three (3) business days after the last class or final (whichever is later) but they may not appear on the student's record until the week after finals. Some faculty choose to post grades on Blackboard, but until they are available for viewing in BU BRAIN, the grade has not been officially recorded.  For more information about when grades will appear on your record, go to BU BRAIN and select 'Your Record' tab to view your unofficial transcript.

Note: If an MG (Missing Grade) or an I (Incomplete) is noted on your transcript, your degree will not be conferred until you are given a final grade. Contact the instructor of the course with questions.

After grading has been closed, faculty will need to submit a change of grade form. Change of grade forms cannot be submitted by a student.

Grade Mode Option Change

Students may change the way they are graded in a course between the first day of classes until the 9th week of classes or the Grade Mode Option Change deadline.

Students may select a grading option when registering for a course. The grading options are letter grade or pass/fail. The selected grading option will be conveyed to your instructor at the beginning of the semester and during the grading period, but you may wish to inform the instructor of your decision should you make a change later in the semester.

Please review the following information before making your decision to change a grade option:

  • Not all classes are available to be taken pass/fail; confirm if this option is available with the academic department and/or academic advising.
  • Each school restricts the number of pass/fail courses that a student may take. If you are unsure of the restrictions, please contact your school's academic advising office.
  • Courses taken for a pass/fail grade can be used as credit toward degree completion but may not be used to complete major or general education requirements.

A course taken with the pass/fail option will be calculated into the student's GPA only if the student receives an "F" grade for that course.

How to change your Grade Mode Option (from letter grade to pass/fail or pass/fail to letter grade):

Once you have made the decision to change your grade mode option, please follow these steps:

  • Log into BU Brain
  • Select the Student tab
  • Select the Registration menu item
  • Select Register for Classes

register for classes

  • Select Term

Select term

  • Select the Schedule and Options tab

Schedule and options

  • In the Grade Mode column, click the hyperlink on the course whose grade mode you want to change

grade modde column

  • In the drop-down menu, choose the Grade Mode Option you want

grade mode

  • Select Submit button at the bottom of the page

grade mode full screen

  • The Grade Option Change is available online through the change of grade option deadline.
  • If you receive any error messages, please reach out to the Student Records office.

Note: For Summer Session 2 students who would like to change their grade mode, use the Google Form found under the Registration menu item in BU Brain, Student tab.