Limited Submissions Funding Opportunities

The Office of Strategic Research Initiatives (OSRI) administers all limited submissions at Binghamton University. Limited submissions are funding opportunities where the sponsor limits the number of applications that can be submitted by an institution. For this reason, Binghamton University personnel who wish to apply for a limited submission must obtain institutional approval through an internal selection process. Personnel interested in applying for a limited submission must submit an internal Letter of Intent (LOI) to OSRI by the internal deadline posted below. Please scroll down to see a table of current limited submission opportunities, internal deadlines, and links to the LOI forms.

OSRI distributes monthly email digests of current and upcoming limited submissions.  The announcements provide a brief description of the opportunity, a link to the funding agency’s website, and both internal and external deadlines. OSRI will make every effort to identify all potential LSFOs and notify relevant faculty members. If you would like to be added to this email digest, please contact us at If a faculty member or research administrator identifies an LSFO which is not listed in the current opportunities list below, please contact OSRI.

Limited Submissions Process

Once a sponsor announces a limited submission funding opportunity, OSRI notifies faculty and staff of the solicitation and sets an internal deadline for LOIs. After the internal deadline, OSRI staff compile the LOIs for each solicitation and begin an internal selection process. LOIs are reviewed by the Advisory Committee for Scholarship and Research (ACSR). Following ACSR review, nominee(s) are selected and OSRI notifies all applicants of the decision on their LOI. Nominees then work closely with the OSRI and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to prepare to submit their proposal to the sponsor. Applicants must adhere to all posted deadlines and may not submit an application in response to a limited submission without institutional authorization.

Limited Submission Steps:

  1. Sponsor announces solicitation
  2. OSRI notifies faculty/staff of solicitation
  3. Applicants submit LOI to OSRI
  4. Internal selection process: LOI reviewed by OSRI/ACSR. If the number of internal nominees exceeds the number of university submissions allowed by the agency, then an internal review is required to select the university nominee(s)
  5. Nominee(s) selected and notified
  6. OSRI notifies all applicants of decision
  7. Nominees work with OSP and OSRI on proposal
  8. Proposal submitted to sponsor

Letter of Intent (LOI) forms:

A faculty member interested in applying for a LSFO is required by OSRI to submit an internal LOI form: Link to LOI Form

Current Limited Submission Funding Opportunities:

LOIs for the following limited submission funding opportunities are currently being accepted for internal competitions. To apply, submit the LOI Form by the internal deadline listed below.

Open Limited Submission Funding Opportunities:

Limited submissions that did not receive an LOI by the internal due date are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to apply to one of the programs below, please submit the internal LOI form.