Broader Impacts of Research

Funding agencies are increasingly interested in the societal impacts of funded research. As such, the inclusion of activities related to increasing diversity, workforce development, educational outreach, and stakeholder engagement will make proposals more competitive. If you have any questions related to integrating broader impacts into your research and/or proposal please let us know. We can provide numerous services including:

  • helping to  formulate ideas for broader impacts;
  • advice on broader impacts related to specific agencies and programs (NSF CAREER);
  • drafting your broader impacts statement for your proposal; and
  • identifying and developing partnerships with collaborators 

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Training Resources:

NSF Broader Impacts Workshop Slides

NSF Broadening Participation Plan Workshop Slides 

NSF Broader Impacts Guiding Principles

Broader Impacts Wizard

Online Guide for Undergraduate Research Mentorship


Program for Girl Scouts STEM day

Story on board game to teach social theory

GoGreen Institute Summer Program- long running NSF funded Chemistry Outreach Program

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Materials Matters Course- Convergence of Arts and Science