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Centers and Institutes

Research at Binghamton University is conducted in multiple venues. Some faculty members are primarily affiliated with their departments and conduct research that originates from questions in a particular discipline. However, the interdisciplinary nature of some of today's most pressing questions frequently requires expertise from several areas and/or departments. Often these cross-disciplinary connections develop into permanent working relationships.

Researchers have formalized these connections in federally designated institutes, through Binghamton University's Center of Excellence, through organized research centers and in institutes for advanced study. These organizations often offer equipment and expertise that may be shared by experts on campus and beyond.

To view the University's Guidelines for Organized Research Centers, click here.

To view the Call for New Organized Research Center 2022, click here.  (Deadline: March 1, 2022)


Federally designated centers

Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2)

A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

  • Director: Kanad Ghose
    Phone: 607-777-4803
  • Managing Director: Andrea Palmeri
    Phone: 607-777-3629

Developmental Exposure Alcohol Research Center (DEARC)

A National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Alcohol Research Center

  • Director:  Terry Deak                                                                                                        Phone: 607-777-5918
  • Scientific Director: Lisa Savage                                                                                       Phone: 607-777-6806

New York Node of the Next Flex Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute 

A Department of Defense Manufacturing Innovation Institute

  • Director:  Mark Poliks
    Phone: 607-777-5361

NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES)

An Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the Department of Energy Office of Science

  • Director: M. Stanley Whittingham
    Phone: 607-777-4675


New York State Center of Excellence at Binghamton University 

Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP) 

  • Director: Bahgat Sammakia
    Phone: 607-777-6880
  • Associate Director: Steve Czarnecki
    Phone: 607-777-7270

    S3IP Centers:

Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM)

  • Director:  Mark Poliks
    Phone: 607-777-5361

Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP)

  • Director: Tara P. Dhakal
    Phone: 607-777-3680
  • Associate Director: Alok Rastogi
    Phone: 607-777-4854
  • Associate Director: Bruce White
    Phone: 607-777-2843

Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2)

A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

  • Director: Kanad Ghose
    Phone: 607-777-4803
  • Program Manager: Andrea Palmeri
    Phone: 607-777-3629

Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging (CHIRP)
A Semiconductor Research Corporation Designated Center

  • Director: Bahgat Sammakia
    Phone: 607-777-4818

Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC)

  • Director: Sungbae Park
    Phone: 607-777-3415
  • Associate Director: Benson Chan  
    Phone: 607-777-4349

Binghamton University Organized Research Centers

Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Science (CAMRIS)

  • Director: J. David Jentsch
    Phone: 607-777-4875                                                                                                                                                                                        

Binghamton Biofilm Research Center (BBRC) 

  • Co-Director: David Davies
    Phone: 607-777-2006
  • Co-Director: Karin Sauer
    Phone: 607-777-3157

Center of Biomanufacturing for Regenerative Medicine (CBRM)

  • Director: Kaiming Ye
    Phone: 607-777-5887
  • Assoc. Director: Gloria Meredith
    Phone: 607-777-2761

Center for Cognitive Applications (CAPS)

  • Director: Kenneth Kurtz
    Phone: 607-777-3679

Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems (CoCo)

  • Director: Hiroki Sayama
    Phone: 607-777-3566

  • Associate Director: Andreas Pape
    Phone: 607-777-2660

Center for Development and Behavioral Neuroscience (CDBN)

  • Director: Terrence Deak
    Phone: 607-777-5918
  • Associate Director: Ray Romanczyk
    Phone: 607-777-2829

Center for Healthcare Systems Engineering (CHSE)

  • Director: Mohammad Khasawneh
    Phone: 607-777-4408

Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC)

  • Director:  Ping Yang
    Phone: 607-777-5697
  • Associate Director: Dmitry Ponomarev
    Phone: 607-777-4023
  • Associate Director: Yu Chen
    Phone: 607-777-6133
  • Associate Director: Sumantra Sarkar                                                                            Phone: 607-777-6863 

Center for Imaging, Acoustics and Perception Science (CIAPS)

  • Director: Lijun Yin
    Phone: 607-777-5484
  • Associate Director: Scott Craver
    Phone: 607-777-7238
  • Associate Director: Ron Miles
    Phone: 607-777-4038
  • Associate Director: Peter Gerhardstein
    Phone: 607-777-4387

Center for Integrated Watershed Studies (CIWS)

  • Director: Jessica Hua
    Phone: 607-777-2438
  • Associate Director: Joe Graney
    Phone: 607-777-6347
  • Associate Director: Mark Blumer
    Phone: 607-777-2615

Bernard M. & Ruth R. Bass Center for Leadership Studies (CLS)

  • Director: Francis Yammarino
    Phone: 607-777-3007
  • Associate Director: Shelley Dionne
    Phone: 607-777-6557

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS)

  • Director: Olivia Holmes
    Phone: 607-777-2130
    Phone: 607-777-5400

Center for Research in Advanced Sensor Technologies and Environmental Sustainability  (CREATES)

  • Director:  Seokheun (Sean) Choi
    Phone: 607-777-5913

Center for Writers (CW)

  • Director: Maria Mazziotti Gillan
    Phone: 607-777-6134
  • Associate Director: Christine Gelineau
    Phone: 607-777-2713

Center for Translational Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (CTSCTE)

  • Director: Robert Van Buskirk
    Phone: 607-777-6746
  • Associate Director: John Baust
    Phone: 607-777-2775

Institute for Materials Research (IMR)

  • Director: Louis Piper

    Phone: 607-777-3086

Public Archaeology Facility (PAF)

  • Director: Laurie Miroff
    Phone: 607-777-4786
  • Associate Director: Christopher Hohman
    Phone: 607-777-4786

Roger L. Kresge Center for Nursing Research (KCNR)

  • Executive Director:  Mario Ortiz
    Phone: 607-777-2311
  • Director: Melissa Sutherland
    Phone: 607-777-6175

Tick-borne Diseases Center

  • Director: Ralph Garruto
    Phone: 607-777-6562
  • Assoc. Director: Eric Hoffman
    Phone: 607-777-5812

Binghamton University Institutes for Advanced Studies

Center for Israel Studies (CIS)

  • Director: Randy L. Friedman
    Phone: 607-777-2443

Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

  • Director: Sungdai Cho
    Phone: 607-777-3950

Human Rights Institute (HRI)

  • Co-Director: David Cingranelli
    Phone: 607-777-5234
  • Co-Director: Alexandra Moore
    Phone: 607-777-5234

Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities (IASH)

Institute for Asia and Asian Diasporas (IAAD)

  • Director: John Chaffee
    Phone: 607-777-4168

Institute for Evolutionary Studies (Evos)

  • Director: Rolf Quam
    Phone: 607-777-2290

Institute for Justice and Well-Being (IJWB)

  • Director: Laura Bronstein
    Phone: 607-777-9162

Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE)

  • Director: Mohammad Khasawneh
    Phone: 607-777-4408

The Binghamton University/Harriet Tubman Center for the Study of Freedom and Equity

  • Director: Anne Bailey
    Phone: 607-218-4308

  • Associate Director: Sharon Bryant
    Phone: 607-777-2678

Last Updated: 9/8/21