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Limited Submission Funding Opportunity Program

Process for LS

Limited Submission Funding Opportunity (LSFO) announcements are distributed to faculty via the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives (OSRI).  The announcements provide a brief description of the opportunity, a link to the funding agency’s website and both internal and external deadlines. 

OSRI will make every effort to identify all potential LSFOs and notify relevant faculty members.  If a faculty member or research administrator identifies an LSFO which is not listed in the Open Opportunities, please contact OSRI.    

Letters of Intent:

A faculty member interested in applying for a LSFO is required by OSRI to submit an internal letter of intent (LOI).   Word Version    PDF Version

NSF MRI Letter of Intent:

A faculty member interested in applying for the 2019 NSF MRI Limited Submission, please use this version internal letter of intent.  Word Version   PDF Version

Notification and Review:

Once the LOI has been approved, the applicant is notified.  Investigators not selected are notified as well.  If there is more than one submission to an LSFO, all potential candidates’ applications are reviewed by the Advisory Council for Sponsorship and Research (ACSR) for decision and the applicants are duly notified of the decision prior to the external deadline.

Applicant Responsibilities:

Applicants must adhere to all posted deadlines and may not submit an application in response to a LSFO without institutional authorization.  Nominees should submit an application prior to the internal deadline for further approval.

For more information, email or call 607-777-6137.


Last Updated: 8/9/19