Dickinson has two learning communities, where students of like interests live together, carry out joint projects and activities and take courses together.

Entrepreneurship Learning Community (ELC)

Do you want to change the world? The ELC focuses on developing new and returning students into capable entrepreneurs who create innovative projects and drive social change in our community. Living in one hall, members gain the unique opportunity to work together creatively, obtain vital skills and pursue real ventures with like-minded students. Our goal is to create a diverse environment enriched by many different talents and foster the entrepreneurs of the new generation. In their first year, residents of ELC are required to take a 2-semester "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" course sequence to give them the business tools all entrepreneurs need. Students also have the opportunity to work closely with an Entrepreneur in Residence who provides students with guidance and support in their business ventures. In addition, residents are expected to participate fully in ELC events and activities. To apply to live in ELC, you must fill out a separate application form. Note that this precludes roommate or other special housing requests. You will receive instructions via your campus email account. For more information about our Entrepreneurship Learning Community, go here.

CoRE (Computers, Robotics and Engineering)

CoRE is a collection of new and returning students who live in O'Connor Hall and share common interests in Computers, Robotics and Engineering. Together, we work to promote technological awareness both within ourselves and within our community. We all like the same things and share commons interests, so we can guarantee you will be making friends right away. CoRE members are required to complete a project each year and take a 1-credit course in the spring semester. To live in CoRE, you must fill out a separate application form. Note that this precludes roommate or other special housing requests. You will receive instructions via your campus email account. To learn more about CoRE, visit our website. To apply, fill out this application.

Other learning opportunities in Dickinson

Health and Wellness Community (HaWC)

HaWC is an all-freshmen building containing a yoga studio, fitness studio, mediation alcoves, kitchen and lounge areas — plus we have a meditation labyrinth right outside the doors! Residents will have access to these spaces and will be able to take wellness classes, sign up for cooking demonstrations, nutrition classes, group exercise classes and ropes course challenges. To be placed in this community, choose the Health and Wellness Community at Old Digman when signing up for housing. Find more information here.

Dickinson Research Team (DiRT)

The Dickinson Research Team (DiRT) is a residential community-based research program that is the first of its kind in the United States. Founded by Dickinson Collegiate Professor, Kimberly Jaussi, Ph.D., DiRT brings undergraduate research into a student residential community for the first time. At the heart of this program is the Dickinson Research Lab Space, a collaborative workspace sitting directly in the center of the Dickinson Fireplace Lounge. Today, the DiRT space is filled with computers, grad assistants and up to 70 undergraduate students doing groundbreaking research on creativity, leadership and diversity. This space provides undergraduate students with a place where they can openly discuss research, learn new research skills that can be applied in academic and professional settings, and have students participate in this research. Find more information here.