Dickinson traditions

Each year, Dickinson Community has several programs and events that are put on for the enjoyment of the residents. Some are planned by volunteers, some by the Dickinson Town Council and some by the Residential Life staff. There are always new programs being planned in addition to our annual events. Events are open to all Dickinson residents and are sure to produce lasting memories.

Mutant Mania

Mutant Mania is a competition between all the buildings in Dickinson Community during the spring semester. The competition is nine days long with athletic events such as Ultimate frisbee, football and volleyball, as well as events like Jeopardy, Clue, and a scavenger hunt. All residents in Dickinson are encouraged to participate as there is an event for everyone. It is an excellent opportunity to meet those living around you and earn some bragging rights for your building. Captains are needed for each building and are usually elected by the residents of the hall. Theses captains ensure that there are participants for each event and disseminate information about Mutant Mania.

Running with the Goats Fun Run

Annual Running With the Goats 5K Walk/Run raises money for Coins for Change, a Enactus student group at Binghamton University. Coins for Change raises money for the Maasai Tribe in Kenya, Africa. Join us in inspiring students, their families and community members to get fit and have fun while supporting a good cause. Date for this year TBA.

Dickinson Day

Dickinson Day is a day of outdoor activities, food and performances put on by the Dickinson Community Residential Life staff. Past Dickinson Days have included volleyball competitions, popcorn, ballroom dance lessons, co-rec football, board games and a cappella group performances from the Tonics, Pegs and Crosbys. Dickinson Day occurs at the beginning of the fall semester and is open to all residents.

Co-Rec Football

Every fall, the co-rec field fills up with cheering fans and players from all the buildings in Dickinson Community. Co-Rec football is a season-long, two-hand touch football league that has all six of the Dickinson Buildings competing against each other. The teams are made up of six people per side. For four to five weeks, a regular season (about seven games) takes place to determine playoff seeding, and then a two-weekend long playoff culminating in a Super Bowl to win the Championship Cup for the year. Included in this Dickinson tradition is Rivalry Week, where sister buildings play each other and a weekly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the weekend's results.

Hall and Area Events

At the beginning of the fall semester, elections are held for the Executive Board of each building's Hall Government. Students are given the chance to give a speech about who they are and why they want to be a member of their Hall Government. Elections are held soon after in the Dickinson Dining Hall.

In the middle of the spring semester, elections are held for the Executive Board of the Dickinson Town Council. Students are given the chance to give a speech at a DTC meeting, as well as at each of the Halls about who they are and how they can help better Dickinson. Elections are held soon after in the Dickinson Dining Hall.


The Dickinson Semi-Formal is planned every spring semester by the DTC E-Board. The best way to describe the semi-formal is to have you think of your high school prom, except the semi-formal is a lot more fun! We don’t crown a king and queen of Dickinson, but you get all dressed up, go to a banquet hall off-campus where there is definitely a lot of dancing, great food and a ton of socializing taking place!