Dickinson Summer Storage

Summer 2024 Storage Locker Reservation

This Storage Space Agreement is extended by the University, to individual students for a storage locker in a Dickinson residence hall. During the academic year, only Dickinson residents may rent lockers within their assigned building. During the summer term, only students returning to an on-campus housing assignment for the following fall semester are eligible to submit an application. 

Apply for a Dickinson summer storage locker

Locker Sizes:

  • 4'x4' (112 cubic feet)
  • 3'x5' (105 cubic feet)

Storage Options:

  • Summer 2024 rental ($150.00 billed to student account)
  • Summer 2024 + Fall 2024 ($150.00 + $60.00 billed to student account)
  • Summer 2024 + Academic Year 2024–2025 ($150.00 + $110.00 billed to student account)

Rental Timelines

  • The application process for Summer 2024 lockers will open on April 1, 2024. 
  • May 6, 2024 - May 13, 2024: Students may begin storing their belongings for summer storage. 
  • August 18, 2024: Students can begin removing items from summer storage for the Fall semester (due to new student move-in, access to lockers prior to the 18th will not be approved). 
  • Students renting for Summer '24 + Fall '24 must remove their items by December 14, 2024. 
  • Students renting for Summer 2024 + Academic Year 2024 - 2025 must remove their items by May 2, 2025. 
  • Lockers are only accessible with card access between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM daily. 

Termination of Agreement

The agreement may not be terminated before the end of the agreement period (academic semester or academic year). Students are responsible for clearing out a locker prior to the expiration of the agreement. Any items left after the expiration of the agreement will be removed and discarded. If a student were to move out of a hall where they are paying for a locker, they must remove all belonging within 24 hours of moving. If a student moves to another residence hall within Dickinson Community, the University will try to provide the student with a locker in their new hall on a space available basis. There will be no reimbursements made if a move occurs, including the results of a Student Conduct action.

Use of Premises

Sharing a locker reservation is prohibited. Only the student named in this agreement will receive access to the storage room where their locker is located and be given the combination to the lock provided by the University. The agreement will be terminated and no refund given if the named student gives their access card or combination to any other individual. Students shall not use a locker for any illegal or otherwise prohibited activities.

Dangerous or Illegal Materials

Students shall not keep or have in or around the locker any item of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive nature that might unreasonably increase the risk of fire or explosion in or around the locker or locker area or that might be considered hazardous by the University. Students shall not keep or have in or around the locker any illegal items, materials, or substances. The University reserves the right to inspect storage areas and lockers in the interest of health, safety, cleanliness, and property control. Inspection of a locker may also take place with a minimum of 24 hours notice to the student named in this agreement. Such inspections are conducted only by appropriate University personnel (e.g., Residential Life, New York State University Police, and/or Facilities Management personnel).

Security and Liability

Students understand that the University does not provide any security system specifically for the locker or storage rooms beyond what is already in place to secure the residential buildings. Students' possessions will occupy the locker entirely at the risk of the student. The University is not responsible for carrying any insurance covering the student's possessions. Students release the University from any loss, damage, claim, or injury resulting from any casualty in the locker or storage room. Students understand and agree that the student accepts full responsibility for any and all personal injuries or any other damages that may occur during the use of the storage space, regardless of the reason. Further, students agree that the University, and all associated owners, agents, and employees, be held harmless for any and all injuries and damages that occur inside or outside the locker and/or storage room.


Student will, at their sole expense, keep and maintain the lockers in good, clean, and sanitary conditions during the term of this agreement and any renewal thereof. Students will promptly advise the University if the locker or storage room is in need of any maintenance or repair. Students will be billed for any damage to the locker or storage facility. If a student loses the combination lock, they will be charged $25 for the replacement lock.

Other storage options

Binghamton University has an agreement with Dorm Room Movers to move and store student's belongings. See their webpage for more information.