Advanced Probability & Statistics

Advanced Probability & Statistics 

Instructor: Dr. Shuxia (Susan) Lu
Upcoming offerings: 6/8 - 7/5 and 7/13 - 8/9

Delivery: Self-paced online, 6 hours of pre-recorded lectures, self assessment quizzes (not graded) and a multiple choice final exam (graded)
Credentials: A Probability and Statistics Practitioner Badge will be issued to students who pass the exam. Participants will also be able to download and print a Binghamton University issued course completion certificate. If you successfully complete both statistics courses (Intro and Advanced) you will earn the Probability and statistics Professional badge.
Who can take this course: This course is intended for all engineers, professionals, faculty and students.




Our world is becoming more and more data intensive with every passing day; so the need to translate data into useful and meaningful information is greater than ever before. The ability to collect and analyze a variety of data types using descriptive and inferential statistics is foundational to effectively interpreting your specific sets of data, as well as understanding the appropriate analytical techniques for the various types of data collected will determine the outcome of your analysis. This course will teach you important concepts, principles and practices so that you can be much more successful at gaining important insights from your data analysis. (Introduction to Probability and Statistics, or equivalent, is a recommended prerequisite for this course)


The course will be delivered via 6 hours of pre-recorded lectures. Students will receive support via virtual office hours and email with the instructor and teaching assistant. A take-home exam will be distributed and graded and a course certificate and a digital badge will be issued to passing students (a grade of 70% or above)


Session 1 - Hypothesis test: type 1 error, type 2 error, ANOVA, MANOVA, Nonparametric Tests

Session 2 - Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Multiple Regression

Session 3 - Logistic Regression Analysis, Root Cause Analysis

Session 4 - Factorial Experiment, Fractional Factorial Experiment, Minitab

Session 5 - Reliability Total Productive Maintenance, MANOVA with Minitab, Regression with Minitab, Correlation with Minitab


Dr. Professor Shuxia (Susan) Lu is a professor in the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department at Binghamton University (SUNY).


$250: Standard Rate
$195: BU and SUNY faculty/staff/BU Alumni (graduated May 2020 or before)/Non SUNY Students
$100: BU and SUNY students and recent BU Alumni (graduated in Dec 2020 or after)/High School Students
$105: Non-BU and Non-SUNY studnets (must prove immatriculation at other University/College)
$35: Retake Fee Students (we will verify previous regsitration)
$50: Retake Fee Non-Students (we will verify previous regsitration)

Discounted course fees if stacking courses:

f you take both the "Intro to Probability & Statistics" and the "Advanced Probability & Statistics" (either at the same time or in sequence) you will get a $50 discount on the "Advanced Probability & Statistics" course. To receive the discount you must have completed or be registered for the "Intro to Probability & Statistics" course (will be verified):

$200: Standard Rate (Industry)
$145: Binghamton University faculty/staff/alumni (graduated May 2020 or before)
$50: Binghamton University Students and recent Alumni (graduated Dec. 2020 or after)


For questions, contact the Office of Industrial Outreach by email:


1. All cancellations must be received in writing by noon one day before the course starts to receive a refund.
2. Cancellations of confirmed registrations are subject to a $20 administrative fee. No refunds for cancellations or non-attendance will be given after the course date.
3. Substitutions may be made any time before the beginning of the course by informing the Office of Industrial Outreach.
4. If the course is canceled, enrollees will be advised and receive a full refund.