Research Computing Chargeback rates

Research Chargeback Rates

The Watson College has established chargeback rates to help calculate computing service charges for research grants and recover the cost of goods and services used by another university unit. A detailed list of approved chargeback rates can be downloaded from the Accounting Office, Chargeback page. The rates listed below are internal and billed annually at the end of the fall. Faculty can email their deployment request to

Virtual Systems

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers can be deployed upon a faculty request to support their research initiative. Both Windows and Linux systems are available. Systems updates and maintenance are provided by Watson technical staff. Servers are backed up via snapshots daily. Typical server deployment:

      • Four cores, 16 GB RAM, OS Linux or Windows, multi-users
      • Annual cost $ 291.77  

Virtual Workstations

The virtual workstations are deployed upon a faculty request. Both Windows and Linux systems are available. Systems are updated each semester with the latest applications. Students are encouraged to save their files and data to their faculty research folders. Typical workstation deployment:

      • 4 cores, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU, Linux or Windows OS, single-users
      • Annual cost is: $149.00

High-Performance Computing

We offer a subscription access model for researchers who want to increase the number of cores their jobs can consume. Researchers with have a subscription have the job size limitation removed.

    • Annual cluster subscription access: $1,536.51
    • Monthly cluster subscription access: $128.04

Research File Server

Research faculty have a 100 GB storage quota for non-restricted data file storage. The storage can be shared with research assistants. Increases in the quota can be requested and are charged annually in January. 

Quota rates:

    • 100 GB: no cost for Watson faculty 
    • 1 TB: $54.94
    • 2 TB: $109.88
    • 10 TB: $549.40
    • 30 TB: $148.20
    • Additional 100 GB: $19.99