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Globalization opens up a world of possibilities for both businesses and academia but also presents the challenge of interacting with people from diverse cultures. Watson College is providing ways for students, alumni and faculty to benefit from its international network.

As you enter the workforce, a large portion of U.S.-based jobs will require international experience and/or a demonstrated willingness to participate in the global workforce. Learning about cultures, people and languages first-hand is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a student can have but an experience with lasting results.

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International Graduate Degree Partnerships

Watson College has forged partnerships with various universities around the globe to set up programming for students of both institutions.

Several of the partnerships have been established specifically to create 3+2, 3.5+1.5, 2.5+1.5, 1+1 and other programs.

These programs provide partnership students the opportunity to study at Binghamton for a shortened period of time. This ensures that the student gets academic experience in two cultures, which can open up even more opportunities for the students.LEarn more about International Graduate Degree Partnerships

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